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Eau Sensuelle: Woman’s flower from Eau de Rochas …

Eau Sensuelle does honor to the flowery accords of its elder brother but accentuates them to make them even brighter, even warmer. A true ode to the warmth of Mediterranean evenings, Eau Sensuelle is devoured from the nostrils as the beauty of a summer sunset devours itself from the eyes …

Eau Sensuelle declares its flower to the femininity of Eau de Rochas

How not to be inspired by the depth of the intertwining and clashing chords for the now cult Eau de Rochas? And the least we can say is that in 2009, the brand new nose of the Rochas house was! Especially since he is an unconditional lover of this perfume “Rochas has long symbolized a personal and intimate attachment since my aunt wore Eau de Rochas. It’s a smell that reminds me of her. This is my first memory of the brand. »Jean-Michel Duriez for Rochas.

In order to transfigure this beautiful memory, the talented nose was able to revive the cult perfume in a resolutely modern and resolutely sensual bouquet of white flowers with, the aptly named, Sensual water. As usual, the Rochas house demonstrates with Eau Sensuelle that it excels in the subtle mix between reminiscences of the past and exceptional modernities …

As for the visual of Eau Sensuelle, it is abundantly flowered with roses and the “flower woman” is all the more radiant. Moreover if the rose is definitely the star of this visual, the freshness remains in elegant jets reminding us of the “splash” of the perfumed ancestor of the 70s.

“Solar variation of the original Eau de Rochas, L’Eau Sensuelle and its Floral Powdery trail radiate with a hot and voluptuous pink radiance. »Rochas for Eau Sensuelle.

A sweet floral that floods us with white flowers: Eau Sensuelle

By honoring the flowers of its origins, Eau Sensuelle also honors the beautiful bottle of its eldest , which 40 years later remains with intact elegance. Glass engraved as if crossed on all sides by currents for this time of hot air, pretty stopper as if cut in the rock, Eau Sensuelle is dressed in a deep orange-pink like that of a fiery sunset.

Of course, bergamot and blood orange brilliantly open this Sensual Water with their citrus vitality. Yet the mango will join this dynamic duo to bring its hint of sweet and deliciously exotic scents. At the heart, jasmine and orange blossom illuminate the scent of their Mediterranean opulence while black pepper punctuates them with its strong character. The voluptuous flowers will come to powder themselves in a trail of precious irises, punctuated by dried fruits. Then her beautiful sensualities will curl up in the generous arms of white musks bursting with luminosity.

“The aura of white flowers has taken over the freshness of citrus fruits. Fruits from elsewhere – blood orange, mango – punctuate the score with a voluptuous, almost sweet touch. Warmed by the sun, the skin sets ablaze the divine cocktail in curls of irises, musks and dried fruits. »Interparfums, current owner of Rochas for Eau Sensuelle.

The revisiting of Eau de Rochas in a more sensual version

“Eau Sensuelle ”By Rochas was created in 2009 and symbolizes the first variation of the famous“ Eau de Rochas ”released in 1969. It was Delphi, in Greece that inspired Nicolas Mamounas, to create“ L’Eau de Rochas ”. With marvelous landscapes and exceptional light, “L’Eau de Roche” sounds like a real success. While the eau de toilette was originally called “Eau de Roche”, it changed its name to “L’Eau de Rochas”. If “Eau Sensuelle” wants to be as luminous as its elder, it is nevertheless much more sensual, as its name suggests.

Eau Sensuelle Rochas, an eau de toilette signed by Jean-Michel Duriez

Born in Amiens in 1961, Jean-Michel Duriez will officially become a “nose” in 1986. From 1997 to 2011, Jean-Michel Duriez will be the perfumer of the Maison Patou and will imagine famous perfumes, which have become the soul of the Patou brand. In 2008, he also became the official perfumer of the Rochas house, in search of modernism and renewal. Finally in 2016, to mark his 30 years as perfumers, he will imagine a perfume bearing his name “L’Étoile et le Papillon”. In 2007, Jean-Michel Duriez thus created his brand of perfumes. His first “Paris-Sur-Seine” collection pays homage to the capital he adores. We owe Jean-Michel Duriez great olfactory successes such as “Un amour de Patou” by Patou, “Lacoste for Women” by Lacoste or even “Secret de Rochas”.

Eau Sensuelle Rochas, olfactory notes between freshness and sensuality

“Eau Sensuelle” draws its beautiful femininity from the heart of white flowers. The composition begins with a fruity / citrus association and combines mango, bergamot and blood orange. Native to the forests of India, the mango is a tropical fruit par excellence. Today, mango is cultivated in all tropical and subtropical countries. Until the 1970s, mango was considered a luxury product, due to its very expensive price. Mango is used in both sweet and savory cooking. The most consumed tropical fruit in the world, the mango has conquered the hearts of the French. In perfumery, the mango note is synthetically reproduced in the laboratory. It offers very fruity and exotic tones. Then, the heart of “Eau Sensuelle” is bursting with white flowers, because it contains jasmine, orange blossom, all enhanced with black pepper. Orange blossom comes from the sour orange tree, native to Asia Minor. Orange blossom was introduced to Europe by the Mediterranean and the Arabs in the 9th century. In the language of flowers, the orange blossom symbolizes purity and Virginia. In perfumery, it takes 1 ton of orange blossoms to produce 1.5 kg of absolute. Orange blossom is very popular because it is a very feminine flower. It offers luminous, jasmine and vanilla tones. Finally, the base of “Eau Sensuelle” is sensual and powdery thanks to the presence of iris and white musks.

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