Flor Del Sol Escada Eau de Toilette

Like a holiday taste with the new Escada fragrance

Since 1993, Escada has released a niche fragrance for each summer, the sole purpose of which is to make us travel, in a festive and playful spirit. To warm up our winter, Escada is currently presenting its niche fragrance to us for summer 2020. This time, the focus is on Mexico. Focus on Flor Del Sol, a foretaste of vacation before its time!

Flor Del Sol: destination Mexico!

Flor Del Sol d’Escada decided to take us to the other side of the Atlantic, and more particularly to Mexico. Moreover, its destination can be identified not only by its name but also on each element of its packaging. Its pretty box decorated with a flamboyant and solar yellow color, is matched with many drawings, as if made by hand, in a very lively and colorful style. On the program: maracas, a cactus, dahlias flowers, a banjo,… All the elements are there to give us a taste of the trip! Inside this packaging, Escada reveals its emblematic bottle, common to all the fragrances in the collection. Her slender figure rounded off at the top, as if to reveal all the gentleness and generosity of women. At the top of this bottle sits a spray cap covered with a chrome lacquer, finely engraved with the name Escada. This time, for Flor Del Sol, the brand has opted for a red and pink gradient, particularly captivating and feminine.

The intoxicating breath of Flor Del Sol d’Escada

Escada begins the festivities with the tasting of a cocktail. Indeed, its top notes start off on a Tequila Sunrise accord. To make us salivate, Flor Del Sol mixes tequila with grenadine and orange juice. Then, her heart gradually becomes more luxuriant and feminine. Echoing its packaging, the dahlia flower floods its heart and blossoms fully. Then, Flor Del Sol turns to a more seductive and sensual territory. Sandalwood envelops the whole in a comforting and milky breath. Flor Del Sol evokes summer vacation but also freedom and friendship. This feminine scent gives us desires for elsewhere, in an infinitely festive spirit: “Close your eyes, breathe and immerse yourself in the incredible memories of exotic and fun vacations in Mexico”.

As a little anecdote, know that all the perfumes in the Escada collection are among the most attractive juices on the planet. Each summer, they are particularly eagerly awaited, so much so that an average of one bottle is sold every eight seconds across the world …



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