Flower By Kenzo Poppy Bouquet Kenzo Eau de Toilette

A new very flowery eau de toilette appears at Kenzo

However, this daring bet was brilliantly won by Kenzo! Flower By Kenzo still ranks among the best-selling essences on the planet, even 20 years after its creation. To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Kenzo has therefore decided to put the small dishes in the big ones, by calling on two renowned perfumers to breathe new life into it. This is how Flower By Kenzo Poppy Bouquet was born.

Alberto Morillas and Dora Baghriche at work for Flower By Kenzo Poppy Bouquet

It all started in 2000, thanks to the very inventive vision of Alberto Morillas, father of the first Flower By Kenzo Poppy Bouquet. He imagined Flower By Kenzo as a poppy emerging in the city, where you don’t expect it, to bring out a touch of life and optimism in the daily life of city dwellers. This is how the poppy became the emblem of Kenzo. For 20 years, he has revealed to us the image of an active and dynamic woman, appreciating the contact of flowers for their femininity and tenderness. Here, Alberto Morillas tried to preserve the DNA of his first fragrance and brought to Flower By Kenzo Poppy Bouquet his extraordinary expertise. In a more visionary and contemporary spirit, he also called on Dora Baghriche, a young and very fashionable perfumer, renowned for her innovative eye and indomitable creativity. Artists at heart, each working in their own way, these two noses give birth to a captivating juice, between freshness, femininity and softness.

Flower By Kenzo Poppy Bouquet, a floral and invigorating essence

Flower By Kenzo Poppy Bouquet comes, like its predecessors, in a glass bottle with a very slender silhouette. Available in three different sizes, its inclination varies from one bottle to another. Like a contemporary building, Flower By Kenzo Poppy Bouquet soars towards the sky in a slender fashion. However, its curvature also echoes all the fragility of the poppy. For Flower By Kenzo Poppy Bouquet, its juice has traded its transparency of yesteryear for a powdery pink, while a poppy is emerging on its walls.
On the scent side, Flower By Kenzo Poppy Bouquet focuses primarily on freshness and lightness. Echoing Kenzo’s Japanese origins, it contains nashi pear. Then, her heart becomes more feminine and floral. Flower By Kenzo Poppy Bouquet revolves around a trio of rose, jasmine and gardenia. Little by little, everything is enveloped in softness. Almond wood releases a creamy, more intense and enveloping scent at its base.

Designed to celebrate Kenzo’s passage into the new millennium, Flower By Kenzo first saw the light of day in 2000, since then becoming one of the most iconic essences in all of women’s perfumery. It must be said that the originality of this fragrance was surprising … Springing into the city like an odorless flower, Flower By Kenzo was inspired by the poppy, a great first! Today, it is transformed and becomes Flower By Kenzo Poppy Bouquet. So, what about this unique fragrance? Focus on his recipe!

Flower By Kenzo Poppy Bouquet, a floral and woody fragrance inspired by the poppy

First let’s explain the olfactory concept of this scent saga. Like its predecessors, Flower By Kenzo Poppy Bouquet is inspired by the poppy. If the idea surprises, it’s simply because the poppy is one of the only odorless flowers. Dare to invent a perfume based on an odorless flower, you had to dare! However, it has been 20 years that Kenzo has distinguished himself in this exercise. Here, master perfumer Alberto Morillas joins forces with young perfumer Dora Baghriche and both lend themselves to the game. They create a unique signature, at the same time floral, powdery and woody. Here, Flower By Kenzo Poppy Bouquet is more of a floral evocation. Like the poppy, it celebrates contagious energy and the power to make the world more beautiful.

The olfactory pyramid of Flower By Kenzo Poppy Bouquet

Now that you know where Kenzo draws his inspiration, let us tell you more about his recipe. At first, Flower By Kenzo Poppy Bouquet deploys a very fruity breath. Here, forget the traditional citrus fruits. Kenzo prefers to pay homage to his Japanese roots. For this, the brand relies on nashi pear, at the same time green, refreshing and juicy. The heart of Flower By Kenzo Poppy Bouquet, meanwhile, becomes more floral. It contains in particular one of the most famous flowers in perfumery: the Bulgarian rose. Voluptuous, romantic and warm, it is accompanied by other ingredients such as jasmine and gardenia, to form a generous bouquet of flowers. Radiant, the poppy of Flower By Kenzo Poppy Bouquet leaves no one indifferent. Little by little, it is still enveloped in creamy accents of almond wood, an ingredient little used in perfumes, which here marks all the intensity and modernity of this juice. Like its predecessors, Flower By Kenzo Poppy Bouquet displays a modern and graphic olfactory texture. He depicts the image of an active, city-dweller woman, appreciating flowers to illuminate her daily life, as another way to recharge your batteries and make the urban universe ever more beautiful. Flower By Kenzo Poppy Bouquet gives us a new poetic vision of perfumery. At first refreshing, this juice gradually becomes more generous and enveloping. Little by little, he unfolds all his sensuality, like rose petals opening right before our eyes.



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