Grand Bal Christian Dior Eau de Parfum

Grand Bal from the Dior perfume collection

Each fragrance draws a passion or a particular moment in the life of the fashion designer who died too soon and Grand Bal, proposed in 2012 with Oud Ispahan, will be no exception. Opulent and luminous flowers, citrus fruits and hedione come together in this Grand Bal to make the most beautiful Dior dresses shine with their sparkles…

Grand Bal or the floral and scented dress signed François Demachy for Dior

With the Private Collection François Demachy offers himself a scented recreation where budgets and commercial criteria are not in order, which allows him to instantly unleash his creativity and his love of beautiful materials. Released the same year as Oud Ispahan, Grand Bal is precisely one of those fragrances where Dior and its appointed perfumer have sought only shine and beautiful materials to offer a fragrance commensurate with the great couturier who has passed away.

Christian Dior loved above all grandiose balls and joyful evenings where women dressed in their most beautiful dresses and their most beautiful jewelry to enjoy a warm and often summery atmosphere. In order to pay tribute to this love of grandiloquent festivities, François Demachy designed Grand Bal with chords illuminated by sun, flowers and joy. He also did not forget to add to this exceptional fragrance the most expensive and luxurious raw materials of perfumery in order to pay homage to the excessiveness of these social events.

“Grand Bal is an echo of Christian Dior’s grand ball gowns, whose breadth and beauty evoke the blooming petals of a flower. »François Demachy.

Jasmine from Grasse is presented in this Grand Bal fragrance like a star …

Of course, Grand Bal is opulent, luxurious,“ disproportionately ”oversized, just like the flowery and resplendent ball gowns by Christian Dior. But Grand Bal is not only an object of luxurious envy, it is also a perfume intended to be composed around the flower so precious to François Demachy, jasmine from Grasse of course. A flower that is also often the star with many faces of Dior perfumes, both in old Miss Dior or Diorissimo creations and in new bestsellers such as J’adore.

“I love to smell perfumes in situ, in their original environment. Jasmine in Grasse to which I pay homage in Grand Bal. »François Demachy for My Recreation.

Grand Bal opens with this sublime jasmine from Grasse, accompanied to magnify it by a fresh bergamot and a powerful and exotic orange blossom. At the heart, the very solar and opulent ylang-ylang flower from Mayotte brings its elegance and originality to the velvety peach and the freshness of hedione. Finally, the essence of New Caledonian sandalwood blends with cottony white musks to offer Grand Bal a scorching trail but as comfortable as the rays of a summer sun …


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