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Gucci’s Bloom floral fragrance

However, it is precisely in terms of fragrance that Gucci has this time decided to let its talent express itself. The brand presents us with a brand new very floral fragrance, called Gucci Bloom. Long awaited, this essence is the first to have been made by Alessandro Michele, new artistic director of Gucci. So, how about stepping into his universe?

Gucci Bloom, first creation by Alessandro Michele

Gucci Bloom is a particularly anticipated perfume. If the announcement of its release was made at the beginning of May 2017, its marketing, meanwhile, will not officially begin until August of the same year. In fact, if the public’s impatience with it is such, it is because it is the very first perfume to have been entirely made by Alessandro Michele, new artistic director of Gucci. Completely unknown until 2015, he replaced at short notice Frida Giannini at the head of the house, following his hasty departure. He immediately made people talk about him thanks to his Gucci Men’s collection, produced in just five days. Arousing the curiosity of men and women all over the planet, he has chosen to bring his own DNA to the Gucci collections. Many are already saying that he revolutionized the universe of this great Italian brand and that he could well hoist it to the highest peak in its history. So, let’s take a closer look at how this translates to the perfumery side.

Gucci Bloom’s floral femininity

For this first perfume, Alessandro Michele did not take any risks and turned to one of the most popular olfactory categories on the planet: that of floral fragrances. The creator has also chosen to orient himself in this direction in order to seduce the Asian populations, very attracted by this kind of compositions. Gucci Bloom therefore contains sambac jasmine and tuberose, a classic of women’s perfumery, giving off a certain romanticism associated with opulence and freshness. However, Gucci Bloom also contains an unexpected ingredient: Rangoon Creeper, a flower from India and specially harvested for Gucci. Everything is delivered to us in a bottle that is both vintage and contemporary, feminine and authentic. Forming a thick rectangle of glass, this one impresses with its imposing stature. Entirely lacquered in beige, it evokes the color of a female skin, thus calling for caress. Everything is contained in a white cardboard box, printed with the famous traditional Gucci herbarium motif, in a red and white Jouy wood color. The whole is at the same time traditional while having the avant-gardism of Alessandro Michele.

Released in 2017, “ Gucci Bloom ”is the epitome of femininity. “Gucci Bloom” was made like a lush garden. Alessandro Michele, artistic director of the Gucci brand since 2014, affirms “I wanted a scent of very rich white flowers, a daring scent that carries an abundant bouquet of flowers and plants into a huge garden… ”. We must not forget that this is Alessandro Michele’s first perfume, so he put all his soul into it. To create this lovely and ultra-feminine fragrance, the Gucci house called on Alberto Morillas.

Gucci Bloom, when perfumer Alberto Morillas creates a garden of white flowers

Alberto Morillas is what we call a true autodidact. Born in Seville (Spain) in 1950, Alberto Morillas has kept the memories of Mediterranean smells. He specialized in chemistry before learning the perfume profession in the creative sense. He won the title of best perfumer in 1977 and that of master perfumer in 1998. In 1981, when he was only 24 years old, Alberto Morillas created “Must” by Cartier and his success propelled him to the forefront of the stage. . Alberto Morillas is an avant-garde, very creative perfumer. Regarding the creation of “Gucci Bloom”, Alberto Morillas affirms “When we started to imagine this fragrance together, we had the image of an imaginary garden in mind”. We owe Alberto Morillas great successes such as “Valentina” by Valentino, “Miracle” by Lancôme and “Hot Couture” by Givenchy.

The garden of white flowers of the Gucci Bloom perfume

< p> “Gucci Bloom” is an extremely feminine luminous and floral essence. Its composition begins with sambac jasmine from India. Along with the rose, jasmine is the most widely used flower in perfumery. Also called “Arabian jasmine”, sambac jasmine is native to Arabia. It was introduced to India by the Duke of Tuscany in 1690. Its leaves are shiny dark green and its white flowers are very fragrant. Sambac jasmine is the emblem of the Filipino people and was declared the Flower of the People of Indonesia in 1990. Jasmine is the symbol of feminine beauty, but it also represents purity. Jasmine also symbolizes the 66th anniversary of marriage. Since the 17th century, the city of Grasse has cultivated jasmine in a massive way. It takes no less than 7 million flowers to obtain 1 kg of jasmine absolute essence. At the heart of the compositions, sambac jasmine gives off sweet, soft, suave, vanilla, powdery and very floral tones. The heart of “Gucci Bloom” evolves into a majestic bouquet of white flowers continuing in this extreme luminosity. The heart notes are composed of tuberose, honeysuckle and iris. Finally, the base of “Gucci Bloom” is ultra sensual, because it is composed of musks and indica quisqualis. Quisqualis indica is a shrub with very beautiful evergreen foliage. The color of its flowers changes depending on the condition of the flower. White when hatching, it turns light pink, dark pink and then red before wilting. The bottle is rectangular and sober. Pale pink in color, it exudes femininity.



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