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Guilty Femme perfume, seduction above all

He worked in Paris then in London for large hotels. Back in Italy, he opened his sewing workshop as well as a leather goods store… Today, the Gucci brand is the symbol of Italian refinement, but above all of international luxury. After many olfactory successes, Gucci presents in 2010 “Guilty Femme”, a floral fragrance for seductive women.

Gucci’s provocative woman

With “Gucci Gucci”, a chic and feminine essence, Gucci had marked the world of perfumery. The “Guilty” woman wants to be more daring, seductive and above all much more provocative. Devilishly mysterious, she will stop at nothing. With “Guilty”, the brand offers an iconic perfume, in line with its haute couture collections. The “Guilty” woman is full of character, she is a woman who leaves behind an outrageously sexy trail. Bold and glamorous, the “Guilty” woman is embodied by Evan Rachel Wood, actress and singer who could not be more attractive. In the commercial, our muse dreams of sensuality without the shadow of a guilty thought… Who could resist her?

Guilty Femme floral notes

Described as an oriental floral essence, “Guilty Femme ”Is mesmerizing. “Guilty Femme” opens with sparkling notes of mandarin, accompanied by notes of pink pepper. The heart is floral thanks to lilac and geranium. The flowers are joined by the fruity and sweet notes of peach. The background is more sensual and suave. It results from an alliance between patchouli and amber. The bottle mixes gold metal and glass to reveal an essence with a golden color. Like the composition, the bottle is refined, we notice it by its rare and particular elegance. Also wearing the two “G’s”, emblem dear to the brand, the bottle reaffirms the important values ​​of the brand … Guilty is the scent of a sensual heroine.

“Guilty Femme” is a chic and ultra feminine fragrance. With her, the Gucci brand portrays a very sensual woman, provocative limit. “Guilty Femme” is intended for attractive, confident and passionate women. The composition, both floral and oriental, offers exceptionally sparkling and woody scents. Ultra mysterious, the “Guilty” woman is unforgettable.

Released in 2011, the perfume “Gucci Guilty” is above all an essence of seduction. “Gucci Guilty” is indeed a provoking nectar used by women who like to seduce. Here, the Gucci brand stands out from its other fragrances, offering a scent similar to its haute couture collections, breathtaking! The Gucci woman is here a symbol of luxury, power, but also sex. Bold, the composition is powerful and displays a strong character from the start. Both chypre and fruity, the composition is the work of Aurélien Guichard.

Aurélien Guichard and the woman Guicci Guilty

Aurélien Guichard symbolizes the 7th generation of perfumers from the Guichard family. In other words, he was born in a bottle of perfume! Aurélien Guichard works for the Givaudan company and is considered a sensitive and generous perfumer, who considers his profession as his life. On this subject, he affirms “The profession of perfumer, it is a profession of expression, we work on the olfactory expression of a brand, of a universe… The more the perfumer has freedom, the more he has possibility of expressing oneself… ”. According to his father, Jean Guichard, also a perfumer, “Gucci Guilty” is the most beautiful perfume that Aurélien has composed. He says “Gucci Guilty is a complex and current fragrance. Its fruity side makes it very recognizable. ”& Nbsp; We owe Aurélien Guichard many perfumes, such as “For Her, Eau” by Narciso Rodriguez, “Just Rock pour Him” ​​by Zadig & amp; Voltaire or “Pleats Please” by Issey Miyake.

Gucci Guilty and its seductive scent notes

“Gucci Guilty” will start with a contrast, the association of mandarin and pink pepper, thus imposing its character. Also called “Faux pepper” or “Rose berry”, pink pepper comes from Reunion Island, Madagascar, South America and Brazil. Pink pepper is the fruit of a large tree. Its berries hang in clusters, and when ripe, the berries turn a bright pink color. It is the distillation of rose berries that makes it possible to obtain an essential oil. The pink pepper gives off flavors that are at the same time sweet, sweet and spicy and warm. The heart of “Gucci Guilty” is both floral and fruity and combines lilac, geranium and peach. Flower that represents the eighth wedding anniversary and symbol of the state of New Hampshire (United States), lilac heralds spring. There are about 30 varieties of lilac, which allows for different colors, white, purple, pink, or even blue. In perfumery, lilac is a mute flower, which means that an essential oil cannot be extracted from it. Lilac is therefore reproduced in the laboratory, mainly thanks to the headspace technique, and gives off floral and balsamic tones, sometimes close to those of lily of the valley. Finally, the base of “Gucci Guilty” represents pure seduction, because it associates amber with patchouli. As for the bottle, it is also magnetic and is the result of a mixture of gold and glass, which offers a final touch of power to the whole perfume.

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