Kenzo Jeu d’Amour Eau de Parfum

The feminine perfume Kenzo Jeu d’Amour

What’s more, fragrances are most often indicative of our personality and therefore help to make us feel good about ourselves, thus only revealing our sex appeal to the world. Also, to celebrate the addiction created by certain perfumes and the love conveyed by them, Kenzo has chosen to develop a completely seductive fragrance called Jeu D’Amour.

The greedy seduction of Kenzo

Jeu D’Amour is a fragrance that the house of Kenzo has thought of as an act of seduction. He thus has multiple qualities such as the art of surprising or creating a smile while being somewhat provocative. It is in the image of the woman who wears it, exploring amorous seduction with humor and spontaneity. Thus, it clearly aims to leave no one indifferent and to make seduction a game, a kind of daring bet and therefore all the more exciting. Jeu D’Amour has fun with feelings. Is he sincere? Is he bluffing? Nobody knows. It is a perfume halfway between shadow and light designed by the talented perfumers Daphné Bugey and Christophe Raynaud. The scent of Jeu D’Amour thus begins with dazzling notes of blood mandarin. These are associated with tea as well as pomegranate, which only reinforces their tangy appearance. Then, seduction obliges, Jeu D’Amour evolves towards a much more feminine and very tempting heart. The latter contains tuberose and freesia. This huge bouquet of flowers is then wrapped in a more woody and comfortable base. This is based on sandalwood softened by the sensual animality of musk. Undoubtedly, Jeu D’Amour appears to be a wildly addicting elixir of love.

The slender bottle of Jeu D’Amour

Likewise, the bottle of Jeu D’Amour turns out to be just as seductive as its scent. It is inspired by its predecessor, Kenzo Amour and wants to be very feminine. It is a glass sculpture whose flesh color clearly echoes the sensuality of a skin. So it calls out the hand and it becomes almost as soft as a caress. Its pure and daring shape widens at its base. The whole forms a silhouette similar to a feminine evening dress. Thus, we can easily guess the sensuality of a body and generous curves. The whole is disturbing seduction, instinctively inviting temptation. Finally, note that if you want to vary the pleasures, Jeu D’Amour also exists in the form of an Eau de Toilette refreshed with pear and citrus fruits or an Elixir,

Released in 2014, “ Jeu d’Amour ”is the symbol of love reinvented on a daily basis. Between laughter, smile, emotions and seduction, “Love Game” is at the center of the debate! If Kenzo has fun here with feelings, “Jeu d’Amour” remains a luminous and joyful fragrance. To make the game even more fascinating, Kenzo plays on contrasts in the composition. “Jeu d’Amour” is a cheerful and sparkling essence that reinvents all the pleasures of love. It was produced by two talented perfumers.

Kenzo Love Game, a game by Daphné Bugey and Christophe Raynaud

They are two talented perfumers that the house of Kenzo has chosen to produce “Jeu d’Amour”, namely Daphné Bugey and Christophe Raynaud. Although Daphné Bugey was born in Grenoble, that did not prevent her from joining the prestigious school of perfumery, ISIPCA. In 1977, at the end of her training, Daphné Bugey was hired by Firmenich, a company she never left. Discreet and intuitive, Daphné Bugey is at the origin of beautiful fragrances such as “Classique Betty Boop” by Jean-Paul Gaultier or “Mugler Aura” by Thierry Mugler. Christophe Raynaud is one of the great figures of perfumery. Also a graduate of ISIPCA, Christophe Raynaud works for Givaudan. Considered to be very talented and creative, Christophe Raynaud has composed great olfactory successes such as “1 Million” by Paco Rabanne, or “Modern Princess” by Lanvin.

Jeu d’Amour Kenzo, a sparkling composition by happiness

“Jeu d’Amour” takes off on the freshness of mandarin, associated with that of lemon blossom, as well as the fruity flavor of pear and green tea. We note the first traces of the pear, 4000 years ago in Central Asia. The pear arrived in France in the 16th century. It was mainly King Louis XIV who popularized the pear and made it known to all his subjects. Very quickly, the pear is then eaten cooked, or raw, in cakes, or in compote. In perfumery, the pear note is reproduced in the laboratory in an identical synthetic way. It gives off fruity, sweet, sweet and also green tones. Then, the heart of “Jeu d’Amour” is extremely feminine and combines tuberose and freesia. The smell of tuberose resembles that of jasmine, but more opulent. Native to India and Mexico, tuberose arrived in Europe in 1500. These very white flowers are very fragrant. In perfumery, tuberose is very popular. To obtain tuberose absolute, is obtained by extraction with volatile solvents. The bottle is truly splendid and sports a slender shape similar to that of a woman in an evening dress. As for the pinkish-beige color, it is simply reminiscent of the color of female skin.

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