Kenzo World Kenzo Eau de Parfum

Kenzo World, a floral feminine fragrance

Kenzo World is a juice that clearly does not aim to go unnoticed. It alone reveals the turning point of the Kenzo house and releases a daring, dynamic and joyful breath in its path.

Advertising developed by Kenzo

If, in general, advertising for perfumes is always remarkably studied, it must be recognized that that of Kenzo has set the bar very high. This is the very first advertising campaign signed by the brand new artistic directors, Carol Lim and Humberto Léon. This duo then called on the famous Oscar-winning director Spike Jonze and entrusted him with the heavy task of making a memorable mini film. However, the least we can say is that this one is totally crazy and absolutely electrifying! It features American actress and dancer Margaret Qualley. She seems to be firmly bored during a social dinner at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. So she slips away for a moment and suddenly launches into a frenzied trance on the original music of Sam Speigel & amp; Ape Drums and Assassin named “Mutant Brain”. The jerky rhythm of the latter him allows to let himself be carried by a choreography developed by Ryan Heffington, a choreographer famous for having produced several clips for the singer Sia and in particular that of the song Chandelier. Quickly forget the politically correct aspect of the perfumes of yesteryear. Kenzo World is the opposite of that and has a universe that belongs only to him.

The floral enchantment of Kenzo World

If Kenzo World displays such singularity, it is first of all because it is the very first fragrance by Carol Lim and Humberto Leon. The latter therefore displayed a real desire to distinguish themselves from the overly poetic world of Kenzo in the past. They have, through Kenzo World, transcribed their vision of fashion and even imagined a world in their image. Moreover, the Kenzo World bottle is shaped like an eye. So, it’s a bit like he’s inviting us to see the world from another perspective. It is a bold, surprising and colorful juice. This advocates creativity and freedom. It is based on a floral and amber scent. Kenzo World highlights in particular the beauty of peony sublimated by the fruity and tangy aspect of red fruits. Likewise, Egyptian jasmine is present and here delivers all the richness of its luminous flavor. Finally, Kenzo World ends with a base containing ambroxan, an ingredient that makes the woman who wears Kenzo World ever more sensual and almost comforting.

In 2016, the Kenzo brand took a 190 ° turn by presenting “Kenzo World”. Since 2013, Carol Lim and Humberto Léon have been at the head of the artistic direction of the Kenzo house, and “Kenzo World” is their first fragrance, the fruit of their creativity. Crazy advertising, innovative bottle, everything here demonstrates the brand freedom of expression, the spontaneity it wanted to convey as well as the way of seeing life in color, of living to the fullest. Compared to the other fragrances of the house of Kenzo “Flower by Kenzo” or “Jeu d’Amour”, “Kenzo World” really marks a turning point at 190 °.

Francis Kurkdjian at the heart of the Kenzo World fragrance

It is one of the most talented perfumers who imagined the composition of “Kenzo World”, Francis Kurkdjian. The latter is considered a visionary perfumer, who knows how to combine modernity and high standards. After joining the famous Versailles school of perfumery, ISIPCA, he was lucky enough to have produced the composition of the mythical “male” by Jean-Paul Gaultier (1995). In 2001, Francis Kurkdjian was awarded the “Parfumeur François Coty” award for all of his creations. In 2008, he also won the Oscar “Cosmétique Magazine” for best perfumer of the year. In 2009, Francis Kurkdjian opened his own workshop “La maison Francis Kurkdjian”. For the creation of “Kenzo World”, Francis Kurkdjian integrated the peony with the jasmine of Egypt, all troubled with ambroxan.

The dominant floral of Kenzo World

At the both simple and complex, the composition of “Kenzo World” is at the same time floral, musky, woody and even animal. “Kenzo World” begins with the fruity and sweet tones of red fruits. The heart of “Kenzo World” is feminine and floral and it is a marvelous combination of peony, Egyptian jasmine, which here offers very sensual tones, and abstract floral notes. The base is ultra sensual, because it is filled with ambroxan. The latter is a molecule resulting from organic research, responsible for replacing ambergris. Indeed, ambergris, widely used in the 20th century, came from the secretions of the sperm whale. Sperm whale and whale fishing were banned in 1986, and perfumery had to find an alternative to reproduce the popular scent of ambergris.

“ Kenzo World ”represents the brand new creativity, its new energy. Developed by Francis Kurkdjian, “Kenzo World” is a predominantly floral essence cradled by ambroxan. Between crazy advertising and ultra original bottle, there is no doubt that “Kenzo World” denotes a real change of course! < / p>

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