La Dompteuse Encagée Eau de Parfum Serge Lutens

La Tampteuse Encagée, the latest novelty from Serge Lutens

In addition, he likes to preserve a part of mystery in his compositions. The names of its essences are often ambiguous, as is the scent contained in its bottles. The new La Dompteuse Encagée perfume from the Black Collection by Serge Lutens is no exception to tradition and requires a few explanations… Let us guide you in this discovery!

The Black Collection by Serge Lutens

< p> La Tampteuse Encagée is a fragrance belonging to the Collection Noire by Serge Lutens and this is immediately obvious when you see its bottle. Indeed, it wants to be as clean as it is contemporary. Devoid of everything superfluous, it is a transparent glass rectangle, simply adorned with a black label and revealing an amber juice. Only a black marble overhangs the building and softens this very strict container. Like all the perfumes of the Black Collection, La Dompteuse Encagée is a juice with a very particular recipe, releasing a strong emotion and calling into question conventional perfumery. A noble fragrance, La Tampteuse Encagée is intended to reveal our society. His ambition? Arouse a questioning.

When Serge Lutens talks to us about freedom of expression

Like all Serge Lutens perfumes, La Tampteuse Encagée is accompanied by an intriguing quote: “From this cold girl, painted in white, I have to take responsibility for everything. However, from this dreaded snow because it was planned, I sensed the avalanche. What the whiteness of the flower saw does not bode well for freshness, the smell of frangipane compensates for it. Subtly amended, to be enjoyed directly on the skin ”. Behind this metaphor hides the image of our current society. The cold girl and the dreaded snow evoke the setbacks of our century, while the whiteness and softness of the frangipane are like a ray of hope on the horizon. Here, Serge Lutens wanted to evoke a muzzled language, as if put in a cage. It is about embodying the freedom of restricted expression and the enclosed thoughts of our time. According to Serge Lutens, the human soul is trapped, but a window opens far into freedom. It is up to man to orient himself towards this light.

The solar and floral breath of La Dompteuse Encagée

As the quote provided by Serge Lutens suggests, we are talking about frangipani flower and almond here. On the one hand, the solar and vanilla exoticism plunges us into a heavenly elsewhere. On the other hand, the almond amplifies the gluttony of this essence. Flowers are nevertheless dominant on the sweet side. Paradoxically, this perfume emanates a feeling of well-being, usually rather foreign to the world of Serge Lutens … Never mind, the magic operates and all the know-how of the creator is indeed present!

In 2021, designer Serge Lutens presents a niche fragrance to enrich his emblematic Collection Noire. Its original juice is called The Encaged Tamer and is inspired by the reflection of our society, in which communication is often restricted and where men are muzzled. However, a glimmer of hope seems to appear on the horizon, like a feeling of freedom glimpsed in the distance. Presented in the usual sleek rectangular bottle from the Black Collection, La Tampteuse Encagée gives us a formidable chiaroscuro game, based above all on two main ingredients: frangipani flower and almond.

Almond, a gourmet ingredient in La Tampteuse Encagée

La Tampteuse Encagée by Serge Lutens contains almonds, a delicious and suave ingredient, much appreciated by perfumers. Fruit of the almond tree, it is an oval raw material, covered with a small green and velvety skin. Under its bark and shell, it contains a seed much appreciated for its sweet and appetizing flavor. If the almond is used to make oil, it is also used in cosmetics and perfumery. However, it does not naturally emit any odor that can be distilled. Here, it is therefore completely reconstituted by the perfumer. The almond amplifies the relief of La Dompteuse Encagée and gives it a balsamic and gourmand, subtle and floral breath. Let us note all the same that, in this perfume, Serge Lutens chooses to place it in the background, leaving more presence to the frangipani flower.

The frangipani flower, a floral and exotic breath

As you will have understood, the solar side of this perfume is undeniable. It is notably linked to the presence of the frangipani flower, a plant reminiscent of an exotic vacation in Bali, Mauritius or the West Indies. With a simple breath, the frangipani flower plunges us into a distant and paradisiacal elsewhere. Here, it glides over the body like a solar ray. This raw material gives La Dompteuse Encagée a very optimistic radiance.

The divine scope of the frangipani flower

Finally, let us note that the frangipani flower also has a very universal scope. Whatever the cultures, she is adored and always very appreciated. Thanks to this ingredient, La Dompteuse Encagée has an aura more easily accessible than most of Serge Lutens’ other perfumes. In Asia, the frangipani is considered the tree of eternal life. In Polynesia, he would maintain a privileged link with the spirits. In India, the flower of the frangipani is also called “flower of the temples”. Indeed, it is present in very large numbers alongside the temples and serves as offerings to the deities. Sacred in India, it only amplifies the almost divine side of this perfume. With the frangipani flower, La Dompteuse Encagée trades its dark message for a brighter future. The result is a generous floral bouquet, deliciously sweet and intoxicating.


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