Lady Million Collector Christmas 2017 Eau de Parfum Paco Rabanne

A limited edition of Lady Million perfume for Christmas

In 2008, he also made it into a men’s fragrance named 1 Million and taking the form of an ingot. Two years later, in 2010, this juice saw the appearance of its female counterpart : Lady Million. Now it’s time to party and Paco Rabanne has decided to wear his feminine fragrance with his best costume. Focus on the Christmas edition of Lady Million, Lady Million Collector Christmas.

Lady Million Collector Christmas 2017 and its new bottle

Lady Million Collector Noël has an original bottle which is nevertheless inspired by its original container. So, it is still some kind of diamond. However, it is now much more elongated than before. He soars towards the sky and only his cabochon has remained more or less the same. Its base, meanwhile, retains part of its transparency of yesteryear. On the other hand, the golden lacquering of the top of this bottle now seems to drip on part of its walls. Likewise, this effect is also reproduced on the cardboard box of this perfume. The effect is particularly luxurious and the temptation just seems out of control!

The unchanged smell of Lady Million Paco Rabanne perfume

On the other hand, on the scent side, Lady Million Collector Christmas is not extravagant. This niche fragrance is unique in terms of visuals, but it uses exactly the same recipe as the first Lady Million. Once again, Paco Rabanne gives us his huge bouquet of white flowers. Its scent begins with a fruity breath of raspberry and bigarade. Neroli and orange blossom give it a very sunny Mediterranean aspect. Sambac jasmine and gardenia increase its share of elegance. Finally, Lady Million Collector Christmas ends with a smoother and enveloping scent of amber honey and patchouli.


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