L’Air du Temps Eau de Parfum L’Aube Nina Ricci

Dawn, a new sunrise over Nina Ricci’s iconic Air Du Temps

It was synonymous with the new Paris full of surprises, modernity, joie de vivre and rediscovered tenderness. He then knew how to evolve with the times, accompanying women from generation to generation until returning today in a brand new version called Dawn. This is described as being the representation of the “first appearance of light in the sky before sunrise”. Focus on this new floral and powdery fragrance that will be released on the horizon of December 2016.

Nina Ricci’s timeless bottle

Before even telling you about its scent, let’s start by taking a closer look at its sumptuous bottle. If L’Air Du Temps was initially presented in a case in the shape of an oval sun, it was transformed in 1951 by Marc Lalique. This genius creator then drew two chiseled doves flying above a crystal whirlwind. It is therefore precisely this allegory of love and tenderness that we find today. L’Air Du Temps L’Aube has retained its transparent and finely sculpted base in which is reflected a pale yellow juice reminiscent of sunlight at the first light of day. The whole is still topped with the famous doves from L’Air Du Temps. However, the latter are today covered with a feather hat made by Maison Lemar.

The prestigious composition of L’Air Du Temps L’Aube

L’Air Du Temps L’Aube has already been described as a particularly prestigious fragrance. As such, it contains ingredients exclusively reserved for luxury perfumery. Its scent revolves mainly around the Damask rose, a plant considered to be the queen of flowers, known for its tenderness and romanticism. This must be picked at dawn, exclusively by hand before being distilled within 24 hours at most, otherwise it will lose its olfactory quality. Then, L’Air Du Temps L’Aube evolves into the scent of iris, one of the most expensive raw materials in perfumery due to its extremely low yield. This flower displays here its complex and delicate flavor, at the same time powdery, woody, linear and very persistent. The carnation completes this set with its floral and slightly spicy power, while the lily gives it a suave and more solar sensation. Finally, it all ends with an amber-based trail. If, in a natural way, it is the resin of a tree, in terms of perfumery, amber represents an accord sewn with balsamic notes. It then envelops the whole in a subtle mixture, very seductive and comforting.


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