L’Air du Temps Eau Florale Eau De Toilette Nina Ricci

The origins of L’Air du Temps Eau Florale

Among the most famous of them, Nina Ricci created an essence, in 1948, synonymous with peace, love and freedom. This is called L’Air du Temps. After exemplary longevity, Nina Ricci decided to reinterpret this fragrance. From now on, it is called L’Air du Temps Eau Florale.

The origins of L’Air du Temps Eau Florale

L’Air du Temps Eau Florale is a fragrance whose origins deserve to be highlighted. Indeed, its very first version, L’Air du Temps, was created in 1948. , in the aftermath of the war. With this fragrance, Robert Ricci wanted to symbolize the change in behavior and philosophy of women of his time. Indeed, after years of deprivation and sadness, they wanted more than ever to enjoy life to the fullest. Eager to share their optimism, it had to be felt even in their perfume. This is how L’Air du Temps appeared. Perfume synonymous with change, this one crossed the ages and never ceased to make followers in its path. However, it was many years before it was modernized for the very first time. This was done in 2006 with the creation of L’Air du Temps Colombes Couleur. This one explored a lighter floral theme than before. In 2007, It was the turn of L’Eau du Temps to transform this legend by illuminating it even more. In 2009, L’Air du Printemps echoed the arrival of sunny days. There, the Nina Ricci house took a short break before releasing a new collection of three perfumes from L’Air du Temps, in 2016. You will have understood that L’Air du Temps Eau Florale is just one new chapter in a story that keeps reinventing itself.

Nina Ricci’s new recipe

L’Air du Temps Eau Florale reinvents history without forgetting its origins. Thus, it is noticeable even in its bottle. L’Air du Temps Floral Water uses the same visual as its predecessors. Note, however, that its bottle did not take this form until 1951. It was designed by Marc Lalique. As if to symbolize the new found peace, the latter decided to make two chiseled doves flying above a crystal whirlpool. An allegory of love and tenderness, this bottle is now transformed into a particularly festive and feminine pink color. Its collar, meanwhile, is today embellished with a sumptuous gold thread. Finally, its cardboard case is adorned with an infinity of flowers. It must be said that the latter are at the center of the composition of L’Air du Temps Eau Florale. The heart of this juice combines gardenia, orange blossom and honeysuckle. Its solar effect is further accentuated by an airy and invigorating citrus-based start. Air du Temps Eau Florale contains lemon and bergamot in particular. Finally, it darkens somewhat at its base, letting itself be won over by woody flavors as well as by the sensuality of musk.


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