Lancôme Miracle So Magic Eau de Parfum

The cheerfulness of Miracle So Magic

What’s more, each of her creations is particularly elegant and romantic. Also, Miracle So Magic follows one of the great successes of the house, the Miracle perfume released in 2000. In this case, the latter was widely talked about by its very evocative name. Miracle was then an ode to the joy of living, a true concentrate of happiness. It was then a question of giving thanks to life made up of multiple moments of joy. Also, Miracle So Magic is back and, like its predecessor, intends to highlight your “positive attitude”! With him, it’s time to party and life should be seen in pink. Miracle So Magic is thus intended for a dynamic and enthusiastic woman, gifted for happiness and in love with sharing. Miracle So Magic is a fresh and sparkling juice, always very feminine and a bit greedy. In other words, he is a real concentrate of optimism that could quickly make you addicted to it. With him, the time seems more than ever to be celebrating within the Lancôme house!

The revitalizing scent developed by Lancôme

Also, to create this colorful juice, Lancôme called on perfumers Annick Menardo. The latter thing to immediately display the extreme liveliness of Miracle So Magic. In this case, pink pepper makes its appearance from the top notes of the essence. It is associated with a greener violet leaf as well as an unexpected note of clover. After all, what better lucky charm than this to ensure happy days? What is more, it helps to reinforce the freshness of the whole. Then, Miracle So Magic does not take long to show all its femininity by associating the rose Eglantine and the narcissus. Both thus express a rebellious and savage tenderness, but no less refined. In addition, a touch of green hazelnut adds to the indulgence of this already very tempting juice. Finally, Miracle So Magic ends with a more bewitching base based in particular on cedar wood, amber, vanilla and musk. Of course, the bottle of this perfume is strongly reminiscent of that of its elder. It always adopts its pink hue. Nevertheless, this one is particularly girly this time. Likewise, its once entirely metallic gray cap has given way to a more feminine lacquering.

Lancôme Miracle So Magic Eau de Parfum

A new Miracle by Lancôme

See “la vie en rose” with an enchanted fragrance for a woman who life … delights. She is good at happiness, good at sharing it, good at making it last. Rose, sparkling fresh floral, gourmet … more than a perfume, MIRACLE SO MAGIC! is a real bubble of optimism.

There is a festive fragrance in the air!

A fresh and sparkling floral: A true olfactory miracle, it derives from the meeting between two flowers, the Rose Eglantine and the Narcissus, the beautiful and the rebellious.

The first is tender, a flower among the flowers delicate and sensitive. The second is wild, unexpected, seductive and bewitching. Two embodiments of femininity that create a vibrant accord, all in freshness and intensity. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;

Unexpected accomplice, the Leaf of Clover and its green tone, crunchy and crisp…. And the Clover, when it has four leaves, everyone knows that it brings good luck!

After offering Miracle in 2000 as if to start the millennium under the best hospices, the Lancôme house offered a male version then an intense version. In 2004, it was under the aegis of Annick Menardo that “Miracle So Magic! “Then came to transport us in a green and precious wind, totally miraculous …

Annick Menardo uses Miracle by Lancôme to create “Miracle So Magic! ”

The Lancôme house has always taken pleasure in telling us its finest stories in floral, precious and so feminine scents. For Lancôme , life was already a Treasure in 1990. Or perhaps it was also written in a magnificent Poem? To make us cross the new millennium with its best wishes the house offered us Miracle and then of course, many years later, it will write to us that Life is beautiful …

However, with Miracle, Lancôme has already offered us beautiful enchanted parentheses and the beautiful version of 2004,“ Miracle So Magic!”, Is not to be outdone. Moreover, if the initial composition was developed by Harry Frémont and Alberto Morillas, “Miracle So Magic! Can be proud of having also been composed by a great French perfumer, Annick Menardo.

Annick Menardo, in love with flowery and luminous fragrances, created for Miracle So Magic! very green plant accords that punctuate the initial composition with a touch of invigorating and invigorating freshness. While not forgetting to add a nice note of clovers, with four leaves of course, in order to bring luck to the one who will wear this pretty “Miracle So Magic! ” “.

Composed as a “fun and sexy” version of Miracle, “Miracle So Magic! ” Although very green will offer us his vision of life in pink right down to his bottle.

The Miracle So Magic fragrance! or the meeting between a wise flower and a wild flower

If the magnificent Miracle of 2000 opened with notes of lychees and freesias punctuated by pink berries, “Miracle So Magic!” abandoned the flowery and opulent head chords to focus only on green notes. Thus a pretty violet flower comes to meet the crisp and invigorating freshness of a clover leaf which, like its elder, will be punctuated here and there by spicy pink berries.

At the heart, the magnolias and peonies of Miracle are replaced in Miracle So Magic by notes of narcissus that are both delicate and very green. However, this pretty flower, a bit rebellious, will marry the very wise canina rose to offer scents that are both powerful but always subtle.

Finally, the depths of Miracle So Magic will come, as its elder brother brilliantly did, take us into a whirlwind of sensualities where vanilla and white musks will become cocoon of sweetness and totally addictive heat .

A real olfactory surprise, “Miracle So Magic! »Combines the intense vegetal freshness with the beauty of two flowers which meet only too rarely. Once again, Annick Menardo has managed to compose a fascinating fragrance of flowery contrasts.

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