Light Blue Love Is Love Eau De Toilette For Women Dolce & Gabbana

Light Blue Love Is Love, the new very fruity fragrance from Dolce & Gabbana

Thus, all their creations are a pretext to showcase their native land. The Light Blue fragrance is a perfect demonstration of this and is inspired by the beauty of the Sicilian summer. One of the bestsellers, it has already reinvented itself many times. Even today, he expresses his summer breath in a new edition of his recipe. Focus on Light Blue Love is Love Pour Femme, the summer scent of 2020 from Dolce & amp; Gabbana.

The new gourmet essence of Dolce & amp; Gabbana

Light Blue Love is Love Pour Femme incorporates the main characteristics of its predecessors, while adding a new, more gourmet and sweet touch. Thus, it is a floral and fruity fragrance, the flavor of which is even more addictive than before! It all starts with a fruity freshness based on lemon, Granny-Smith apple and red fruits. Then, this vitamin and summery cocktail gives way to a more floral heart of jasmine. This iconic flower of feminine perfumery is accompanied by an accord of Italian raspberry ice cream. A true delight, this poetic breath is further softened by Chantilly. At its base, Light Blue Love is Love Pour Femme builds on other more woody and charismatic ingredients, such as cedar or musk. The

Light Blue Love is Love Pour Femme relies on a sober and luminous bottle

If the recipe for the Light Blue Love is Love Pour Femme fragrance is rich in many flavors, its visual , on the other hand, rather plays the card of sobriety. As surprising as it may seem, Light Blue Love is Love Pour Femme is presented in a rectangular and imposing bottle, which one would believe rather out of the male department. Its frosted glass of yesteryear gives way to absolute transparency. Azure blue floods this container, while the words “Love is Love” stand out from its front face in red writing, a sign of extreme passion. The whole is topped by a white and chrome cap, very contemporary in purity. Finally, Light Blue Love is Love Pour Femme comes in a blue cardboard case, simply decorated with a red heart.
Light Blue Love is Love Pour Femme seems to have all the sweetness of Italian living. It invites the body to enter into symbiosis with the environment and with the summer sun. This dizzying and irresistible thrill overwhelms us with its gluttony. Light Blue Love is Love Pour Femme is a fragrance that immediately gives a smile and only amplifies the natural charm of Mediterranean women.

Woody Musky

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