Loulou Cacharel Perfume

Loulou, inspired by a Hollywood movie

Her first fragrance “Anaïs Anaïs” was a worldwide success, making this perfume a mythical scent. In total adequacy with the style of the brand, “Loulou” “was born in 1987. The gluttony and the sensuality of its notes call us to succumb to the forbidden fruit without further delay.

Loulou, inspired by a Hollywood movie

Before being the name of Cacharel’s perfume, “Loulou” was a nickname. American actress Louise Brooks was actually nicknamed “Lulu”, but in the United States it is pronounced “Loulou”. Louise Brooks starred in a 1928 silent film, “Pandora’s Box”. “Lulu” was very noticed during this film, especially thanks to her magnetic and captivating beauty. Innocent but a bit provocative, “Lulu” has become the image of a fragile but seductive woman , casual but ingenuous. This is why the “Loulou” fragrance embodies a seductive young woman imbued with freedom. Each accord of “Loulou” invites sensuality … Upon its release, “Loulou” was a huge success all over the world, except , strangely enough, in the United States. There, “Loulou” is considered too daring and confus ing.

The Tiare flower, an essential element of Loulou

For the innocent and sensual Cacharel woman, a composition was needed that rests on her like a caress. “Loulou” opens with notes of plum, blackcurrant, violet embellished with anise. The heart is extremely voluptuous thanks to the white flowers such as jasmine and neroli which then give way to the beautiful Tiare flower. The latter is reinforced by ylang-ylang and orange blossom, giving this juice desire and sensuality. The iris then completes this heart by bringing a pretty powdery veil. The base is warm and also very seductive with the presence of vanilla, tonka bean and benzoin. As for white musks, they offer a heady and tenacious side. The whole composition is hidden in a very astonishing bottle, with daring shapes and exotic colors. This bottle resembles the lamp of Alladin which imprisons the genie and releases it upon opening. Its shape of a flat prism cut like a diamond is totally innovative for the 80s. As for the combination of red and blue colors, it originates in a 1921 painting by Matisse, “Odalisque in red pants”. Surprisingly, the name of the perfume does not appear anywhere, because “Loulou” recognizes himself and says candidly “Loulou… Yes, it’s me…”

With Loulou, Cacharel signs a juice imbued with reverie and seduction in the image of the brand collections. “Loulou” is inspired by an American starlet, young, with magnetic beauty. Sensual and greedy, the fragrances of “Loulou” reflect that of the fragile strength of “Lulu”, irresistibly attractive.



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