Love Yourself Benetton Eau de Toilette

A juice from the United Dreams collection by Benetton

“You are unique. You are special. You have so much to offer the world, and you deserve to be appreciated for who you are. The message conveyed by Benetton could not be clearer. The brand invites every woman to love herself. Moreover, the name of this perfume says a lot about its ambitions. Love Yourself is a concentrate of passion and warmth revolving around a floral heart. It is a fragrance designed for a sensual and modern woman whose surname simply means “Love yourself “.

A juice from the United Dreams collection by Benetton

Love Yourself is a fragrance that is part of a trilogy. This is grouped under the name of United Dreams, that is to say “Dreams of Unity”. Now, how do you form a unit and associate with others when you are not already capable of appreciating yourself? This is the message conveyed by Benetton with its Love Yourself fragrance. This one is like all the other United Dreams gasolines. Its vocation is “to fulfill the desires of all women”. It is associated with two other fragrances called Stay Positive and Live Free. You will understand, these perfumes advocate optimism, freedom and love. Love Yourself is a juice for women who like to feel unique. It is both carnal and modern, a real invitation to showcase your uniqueness and personality. It invites us not to play a game but to proudly display ourselves as we are. To do this, it is based on a feminine and flowery fragrance. This is meant to be universal and sparkling. Thus, it is ideally designed to sublimate each woman with elegance and relaxation.

The floral flavor of Love Yourself

Love Yourself is undoubtedly the most feminine juice of this fragrant trio. Also, what better way to symbolize feminine elegance than through flowers? This is why this juice mainly develops around the flavor of rose and that of jasmine. The rose, queen of flowers, reveals here its romanticism associated with the silky and carnal aspect of its petals. Jasmine, meanwhile, is richer and more opulent. The whole thing is also completed with freesia in the background. What is more, more fruity and fresh notes also enhance the top notes of this perfume. Love Yourself begins with a citrus and juicy blend of bergamot, apricot, pear and raspberry. Its base is based on amber, wood and musk. So, the Love Yourself woman gradually becomes more and more carnal and tempting. The set is contained in a bottle common to this entire collection. Round in shape, it is reminiscent of an apothecary flask revisited with more modernity. In this case, Love Yourself embodies the pink essence of this assortment.



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