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Mademoiselle Ricci, a scented declaration of eternal love

From the start, the brand domain has oscillated between dream and reality . In 1948, Nina Ricci unveiled “L’air du temps” which will contribute to the fame of Nina Ricci. “Mademoiselle Ricci” was born in 2012, but her name is already known. Indeed, Mademoiselle Ricci embodied a fashion launched by Nina Ricci in the United States. “Mademoiselle Ricci” was also the name of a green floral eau de toilette.

The romantic atmosphere of Paris

“Mademoiselle Ricci” immerses us directly in the most romantic capital in the world , Paris. The atmosphere is necessarily glamorous, conducive to the most beautiful declarations of love. This statement, Nina Ricci chose to make it with the help of a huge bouquet of flowers. “Mademoiselle Ricci” is described as an essence intended for women called Mesdemoiselles… The woman who is hidden under “Mademoiselle Ricci” is above all a free, determined and ultra sensual woman. In 1967, the first fragrance called “Mademoiselle Ricci” was predominantly “green”, contrary to fashion which was more opulent fragrances. This eau de toilette, intended more particularly for young girls, was a refreshing blend of wild flowers and spices. Fallen into disuse,

Mademoiselle Ricci’s bouquet of flowers

“Mademoiselle Ricci” is defined as a woody rose floral with a background of musk. Imagined by master perfumer Alberto Morillas, the composition of “Mademoiselle Ricci” revolves around the Centifolia rose. “Mademoiselle Ricci” thus begins with the scent of the queen of flowers, the rose. This is associated with the wild rose which brings freshness and carefree attitude. The heart is composed of oleander and pink pepper, which intensifies the composition. Finally, the base ends with deeper and very sensual notes such as musks and white woods. The bottle is ultra luxurious, it looks like a jewel. It uses the codes of the “Ricci Ricci” bottle. Its luminous glass has been cut all round and reveals a so tender pink. He is also dressed in the famous couture knot of the house,

“Mademoiselle Ricci” echoes a collection from the 1960s. The first green and floral fragrance failed to capture female hearts. 45 years later, “Mademoiselle Ricci” takes us back to romantic Paris. Articulated around a magnificent floral bouquet, “Mademoiselle Ricci” gives off touching and delicate scents. The bottle is elegant and extremely romantic. Today’s “Mademoiselle Ricci” has nothing to envy to that of yesterday.

The Nina Ricci perfume house is above all inspired by the haute-couture models of the sparkling and whimsical Nina Ricci. Nina, Ricci Ricci and now Mademoiselle Ricci are very influenced in their compositions by the famous seamstress who founded the house in 1932. Mademoiselle Ricci already had a first life, but thanks to Alberto Morillas, she will be reborn in a precious floral musky bottle sparkling with femininity and joie de vivre.

Mademoiselle Ricci is reborn under the talents of perfumer Alberto Morillas

The first version of Mademoiselle Ricci is the fruit from the fashion collection launched by Nina Ricci in New York in the 60s. The lady therefore wanted to match a perfume to her airy and light outfits, Mademoiselle Ricci and her very green accords were born in 1967. Yet the perfume did not meet the expected success and it will be forgotten for 45 years. Alberto Morillas will revive him with his talents as a perfumer with overflowing creativity in 2012.

Mademoiselle Ricci therefore finds a second life with the composition of Alberto Morillas. In this second life, Mademoiselle Ricci will seize all the most sparkling and dynamic raw materials to show off her extraordinary personality, her insolence and her spontaneity. By exploiting all the most beautiful facets of youth, Alberto Morillas offers an original composition with many faces.

The perfume house Nina Ricci has proven to us time and again that it knows how to offer the best perfumes to young people. women, to the young ladies. Mademoiselle Ricci is once again the proof, if there was ever a need for one.

“Mademoiselle Ricci, a declaration and a perfume of love always, dedicated to elegant women, sassy and irresistibly sensual. »Nina Ricci for Mademoiselle Ricci.

For the Mademoiselle Ricci perfume, the rose turns into a delicate wild rose ‘today. Each raw material is therefore committed to illustrating a characteristic trait typical of the “Demoiselle Ricci”.

Thus the top notes composed of wild rose and pink peppers perfectly illustrate the spontaneous freshness and exceptional tone. without taking away the precious elegance of the famous cousin of the rose. Alberto Morillas says on this subject: “I wanted a rose that does not smell like roses, so I started with the idea of ​​a wild rose. The rose is the noblest flower, the wild rose is spontaneity, and the pink pepper brings spiciness.

The heart of Mademoiselle Ricci, composed of a beautiful powdery iris and a centifolia rose, is meant to symbolize elegance and sophistication. As for the oleander accompanying its flowery beauties, it is the scorching and sunny light that young women seek so much.

Finally, the depths of white woods and white musks are meant to evoke the birth of sensuality but also the soft and cozy warmth in which young women like to curl up, the better to reassure themselves.

“It’s very simple: when you feel it, you remember it” Alberto Morillas for Mademoiselle Ricci.

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