Mademoiselle Rochas In Black Rochas Eau de Parfum

Mademoiselle Rochas In Black, a new rock and glamor interpretation

However, in 2020, Rochas decides to change registers. The brand signs a new fresh and floral essence, radically mysterious and intended for a rebellious woman. Presented in a black bottle and decorated with leather, Mademoiselle Rochas In Black does not hesitate to shake up established codes and conventions. Its only goal? Breathe a breath of freedom and leave no one indifferent.

Mademoiselle Rochas In Black, a darker, rock ‘n’ roll bottle

Let’s start with the first impression this perfume provides: the bottle of Mademoiselle Rochas In Black. On a purely visual level, Rochas reveals a new interpretation of its mythical essence. Forget the tender and poetic aspect of the first Mademoiselle Rochas. This time, his bottle is darker and more rock ‘n’ roll. The pale pink of the past has disappeared in favor of a lacquered black, opaque and provoking. A more luminous touch is nevertheless brought in its background by the presence of a silver and shiny label. At her collar, Mademoiselle Rochas In Black also wears a black and studded leather bow. Always chic, Mademoiselle Rochas In Black is more rock than ever!

The floral and powerful scent of Mademoiselle Rochas In Black

On the scent side, Mademoiselle Rochas In Black preserves the floral breath of its elders, while offering a much more powerful and incisive trail. It all starts with the lively and fruity audacity of bergamot, blackberry and black tea. Then, a rose invites itself into his heart. However, don’t be fooled by its silky petals. In reality, this flower mostly has sharp thorns. As proof, it is accompanied here by hawthorn, while enveloping itself in a more sensual accord of black leather. Little by little, Mademoiselle Rochas In Black tilts towards a suave trail of vanilla, oak moss and ambroxan. The result is an infinitely contrasting essence, where “a flamboyant leather mixes with the softness of a floral accord of rose”.

The new rebellious spirit of the Rochas woman

Mademoiselle Rochas In Black marks a real turning point in the history of Rochas and of this scented saga. More than ever, this fragrance is freed from the delicate universe emblematic of the brand. This new opus is decidedly more rock while remaining chic. Mademoiselle Rochas In Black is a perfume that was designed to shake up the codes. Leaving no one indifferent, it reinvents its initial freshness for a more glamorous and rebellious look. Mademoiselle Rochas In Black is an astonishing transformation of this iconic perfume, imagined for self-confident women.

Rochas is a symbol of femininity and poetry across the world. It all began when its founder, Marcel Rochas, drew inspiration from femininity and Parisian elegance to design fragrances that were always light, refined and slightly daring. For many decades, Rochas essences have evoked the image of the fantasized woman, while paying homage to the eternal muse of Marcel Rochas, his wife Hélène. However, this time, the brand marks a real turning point in its creative universe. For the very first time, Rochas is offering itself a more rock ‘n’ roll fragrance. Presented in a black leather bottle, Miss Rochas In Black plays the rebels. So, let’s see in more detail what are the raw materials used in its composition.

A fresh and fruity start

Miss Rochas In Black is a woman who has temperament and this is noticeable from the top notes of her perfume. Thus, Mademoiselle Rochas In Black manages to capture the attention of a simple breath. Its first olfactory notes are particularly incisive while being delicious. Thus, this juice makes our mouths water while preserving a powerful energy. Bergamot mixes with blackberry. This slightly bitter citrus fruit highlights a fresh breath while enriching itself with a delicately sweet scent. Black tea also joins this duo to make it more racy and immediately give it a unique signature.

Mademoiselle Rochas In Black, a heart of sharp and spicy roses

Then, at its heart, Mademoiselle Rochas In Black relies on one of the most emblematic flowers of women’s perfumery: the rose. In addition, it is an excellent way not to break with the femininity and the usual romanticism of the Rochas house. However, don’t be fooled by its silky petals. Here, the rose is sharper and sharper. Possessing large thorns, it is accompanied by hawthorn, one of the most charming but sharpest bushes around. In addition, the rebellious spirit of this perfume is further amplified by the addition of black leather. A particularly animal ingredient, it gives a more seductive and almost erotic character to this composition. Decidedly, Mademoiselle Rochas seems to have grown up and assumes more than ever her femme fatale side!

Rochas closes its fragrance with a sweet and syrupy base

Mademoiselle Rochas In Black finally ends with a more woody base. The oak moss enriches the whole and gives it more character and persistence. Acting as the backbone of this fragrance, it is accompanied by a more exotic and suave black vanilla. Thus, the sensuality continues until its wake, further enriched with ambroxan. Miss Rochas In Black thus leaves an indelible signature behind him.
This fragrance expresses “a rebellious femininity at the heart of its fragrance , where flamboyant leather mingles with the sweetness of a floral accord of spicy rose and hawthorn “.



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