Muguet Molinard perfume

Molinard’s love for flowers

By creating the Muguet Eau de Parfum, Molinard has chosen to pay tribute to this little lucky charm. After all, how can you resist the delicacy of the little white bells of the lily of the valley? This composition is an invitation to the heart of a green garden on a beautiful spring day.

Molinard’s love for flowers

Lily of the valley is not the first fragrance by Molinard to give thanks to the flowers. Indeed, the brand is located in the region of Grasse, world capital of perfumery since the 16th century. Fields of flowers stretch out as far as the eye can see and are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for Provençal perfumers. Molinard has been exploring this terroir since the opening of its doors. Moreover, the brand began by selling Flower Waters at first. The latter were not slow to seduce a wealthy clientele, made up of Queen Victoria herself. Indeed, Molinard is one of those brands that have greatly contributed to the triumph of French craftsmanship. Today, Molinard is managed by Celia Lerouge-Bénard, the first woman at the head of the company but embodying the fifth generation of perfumers at Molinard. This combines strong creative development with a deep respect for tradition. Passionate and bewildered by nature, this creative artist at heart offers us here her particular vision of a garden sunny by the light of the first suns of the year.

The lightness of bottled Lily of the valley

Lily of the valley is a floral and vegetal scent that was made in 1994. The smell of lily of the valley shines through from its start. Indeed, if floral notes make their appearance more often in the heart of perfumes, Molinard has decided to display it as soon as this juice soars. Moreover, it continues in his heart. Muguet chooses romanticism, femininity and lightness. For that, this perfume lets float behind it an opulent flavor of jasmine and lilac. To qualify the very pronounced breath of this huge floral bouquet, aquatic notes have been added to its recipe. The latter brings more freshness. Green notes also decorate this composition. Thus, all the elements of the lily of the valley are worked, whether it is its bell as its stem or its leaves. Finally, the whole is wrapped in sandalwood in its wake. The result is a creamier, sewn-on feeling of extreme softness. Lily of the valley is then delivered to us in an elongated bottle topped with a copper cap. This one displays extreme sobriety. Only the purple border of its label breaks with the clarity of the whole. The result is a timeless visual to which it seems impossible to give an age.



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