Nocturnes Caron Perfume

Caron’s musical score

We owe the brand many successes such as “Fleur de Rocaille, Lady Caron, Yatagan” without forgetting the timeless “Pour un homme” of 1934 … In 1981, Caron unveiled “Nocturnes”. If it seems a priori a funny name for a perfume, “Nocturnes” allows us to let our imagination run free… It seems that “Nocturnes” plunges us into a twilight when night is just beginning to fall.

Caron’s musical score

If Caron has decided to call his perfume “Nocturnes”, it is not only to echo the twilight. It turns out that Nocturnes is also the name of a famous work by Chopin. “Nocturnes” is a fragrance to be read like reading a musical score, closing our eyes and playing… We then see a woman dressed in black, immersed in a dark landscape and letting herself be carried away by Chopin’s music. “Nocturnes” transports us to a world between dream and reality. This composition is an ultra feminine whirlwind that makes us spin again and again. “Nocturnes” is a magical momentum ready to seduce anyone who approaches it after dark …

The luminous notes of Nocturnes

“Nocturnes” is defined as an aldehyde floral. Perfume Roger Pellegrino’s mission was to create a fragrance based on flowers. “Nocturnes” opens with sparkling notes of orange and orange blossom. These are associated with aldehyde accords which bring a breath of freshness. The heart is full of Stéphanotis, one of the most powerful varieties of jasmine from Madagascar. It then combines with ylang-ylang and tuberose, and with the most feminine of flowers, the rose. The trail takes us to a woody and intense trail thanks to the presence of patchouli and vetiver. Vanilla and sandalwood envelop the whole in a soft sensuality. As for the bottle, it is sober and elegant. Rectangular, it lets its yellow juice show through. It is topped with a shiny white cabochon for more elegance.

With a rich heritage of great olfactory signatures, the Caron house presents a new success “Nocturnes”. The latter takes us into the twilight, where everything is mysterious and improbable. “If“ Nocturnes ”invites us to let our imagination work, it also plays a musical score. “Nocturnes” is the name of a Chopin score, and Caron’s perfume is discovered as one discovers the musical notes, one after the other. The notes of “Nocturnes” are floral and luminous. They call for a sweet magic, a nocturnal magic.


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