Pleats Please L’Eau Issey Miyaké Eau de Toilette

Pleats Please l’Eau, the scent of spring happiness

Issey Miyake created the “Pleats Please” collection in 1989. This collection emphasizes sartorial comfort. It represents a line of pleated clothing, which will become iconic for the Japanese designer. As a tribute to this collection, Issey Miyake offers a feminine, ultra joyful fragrance of the same name “Pleats Please”. Faced with its success, the brand unveiled in 2014, “Pleats Please, l’Eau”, a remarkable green floral variation.

A tribute to pleated clothing

Issey Miyake put the pleated garment back in the spotlight, when it had fallen into disuse. Having become modern and airy, pleats are the star of Issey Miyake’s collections. The “Pleats Please” collection created in 1989 is a real success and Issey Miyake wishes to actively retransmit it. This is what he did in 2013 with the fragrance of the same name “Pleats Please”. In 2014, the Japanese fashion designer presented a lighter and more airy variation with “Pleats Please l’Eau”. The latter is aimed at cheerful, beautiful and charming women who are noticed thanks to their natural beauty. “Pleats Please l’Eau” depicts the freshness of an early spring, the one we look forward to.

Pleats Please l’Eau, fresh and luminous notes

It is the perfumer Aurélien Guichard, who is at the origin of this green floral composition. He designed this perfume on the concept of “weightless freshness” and the result is a delicate balance between all the notes. “Pleats Please l’Eau” takes off on notes of rosehips and rose berries, which gives the composition a beautiful femininity. The heart evolves towards a meeting between the luminosity of neroli and the green buds of a rose not yet blossoming. The heart thus announces the beginning of spring. The base is sensual, because it mixes patchouli, cedar and white musks. As for the bottle, it takes the shape and lines of its predecessor. With its multifaceted, it always echoes the collection of pleated clothing dear to Issey Miyake. This time the color of the nectar is pale green,

One year after the success of “Peats Please”, Issey Miyake offers a green floral variation “Pleats Please l’Eau”. Shower and delicious like the arrival of spring, Pleats Please Water brings a very particular freshness, half floral, half green. “Pleats Please l’Eau” is aimed at joyful women, who breathe the joy of living… A true fragrance of happiness.

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