She loves it Lolita Lempicka Eau de Parfum

The double meaning of Lolita Lempicka’s perfume

It is a daring creation, very original and out of the ordinary. Elle L’Aime is a juice filled with optimism. It is the image of his advertisement in which Sacha Pivovarova whirled among galloping horses, daisies and fireworks.

The double meaning of Lolita Lempicka’s perfume

Elle L’Aime is a very unique name for a perfume. Is it because it evokes a love story? Yes, but not only. In fact, Lolita Lempicka chose his name in his image. She initially wanted to call her juice L like Lolita and LEM like Lempicka. However, if we pronounce these letters, it gives She Loves Him. It was from there that this new olfactory love story was born. Moreover, the surname of this juice was even found before its recipe. It almost seems that Lolita Lempicka was inspired by her name to create it. She has thus remained faithful to the magical and romantic world that characterizes her. Undoubtedly, Elle L’Aime has become a perfume of love. It brings a dose of joie de vivre in everyday life and makes the woman who wears it shine day after day. In other words, he makes her as splendid as a woman in love. She Loves Him seems as strong as emerging feelings. It transports us in a dizzying wake, a beautiful escape in the middle of everyday life. It is a radiant radiance perfume that releases a strong emotion from its first breath.

The luminous and gourmet flavor of Elle L’Aime perfume

Although they are not a couple in life, they are indeed two perfumers who have united their creativity to create this juice synonymous with complicity. Elle L’Aime was made by Serge Majoullier and Christine Nagel. It is a carnal and gourmet juice built around a very feminine and creamy floral accord. This contains a rich and opulent jasmine paired with a Mediterranean and sunny neroli. More exotic ingredients also complete this composition. In addition, Elle L’Aime is packed with coconut and ylang-ylang. Bergamot in turn gives it a real boost of liveliness associated with a more tangy facet. Myrrh resin finally coats everything while the together is warmed by a suave vanilla as well as by the sweet creamy vapors of sandalwood. However, note that this perfume would be nothing without its sublime bottle. This one is thought of as a real gem. All its refinement is interpreted by an absolutely sublime golden color. She Loves Him is contained in a sort of love totem. This is entirely covered with chiseled gold letters. The latter thus play with the light and sublimate its juice with absolutely bewitching golden shards.

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