So Sweet Lolita Lempicka Eau de Parfum

Lolita Lempicka’s overdose of joie de vivre

It is intended for a frivolous and delicious woman, at the same time greedy, carnal and absolutely seductive. However, beware, do not be fooled by her falsely angelic air, this one is an assertive seductress displaying a modern and colorful femininity exceeding all your fantasies!

Lolita Lempicka’s overdose of joie de vivre

< p> Lolita Lempicka never ceases to draw us into her world. This one is always very elegant, yet flirting with the border of childhood and adulthood. Also, So Sweet remains a decidedly fun fragrance. It is thought out with greed and spontaneity , with frivolity and delight. A true elixir of beauty, it invites us to laugh at everything and to make life a real playground. So, So Sweet plunges us into a sort of fairy-like and almost dreamlike world, made of sweetness and tenderness. His extravagance then only serves to sublimate reality. So Sweet is a cheerful, festive and crunchy scent. Nevertheless, beneath her apparent joie de vivre, the So Sweet woman also hides undeniable assets of seduction. His gaze speaks volumes about his impertinence and his grace has something to turn many heads. Moreover, So Sweet does not hide its tempting side. Its bottle takes the shape of an apple and it seems that someone has already given in to the temptation. Indeed, this one is bitten with a kind of XXL kiss in the shape of a heart.

The floral delicacy of So Sweet

So Sweet was developed by the two perfumers Anne Flipo and Caroline Dumur. It is a carnal scent thought of as a floral love apple. This begins with a fresh and tangy blend containing orange cherry and raspberry leaves. Then, her heart is more powdery and elegant. So Sweet is full of angelica and iris, one of the most expensive and noble plants on the perfumer’s entire palette. Finally, its tenderness is accentuated at the bottom thanks to the presence of a creamy and airy whipped cream. Musk, meanwhile, only reinforces its sensuality. Then, the whole is wrapped in cashmeran, a wood famous for its amber and woody nuances. Everything is nevertheless very light and airy. So Sweet is a luminous essence contained in an apple lacquered in red. This forbidden fruit then becomes synonymous with passion. He is almost indecent, he is so tempting. What’s more, it has an ultra pop and glossy appearance making it particularly feminine and current. The whole is also contrasted by golden nuances which only reinforce the whimsical and luxurious aspect of this fragrance.

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