So Sweety Elle Eau de Toilette

IT releases a cloud of delicacy

It is an essence that carries with it a trail full of gaiety and lightness. This takes us into a universe full of emotions. It offers us the daily vision of a dreamy and dreamed childhood.

IT releases a cloud of delicacy

So Sweety is described as the perfect eau de toilette for “flirtatious It Girls ages four to twelve “. This fragrance releases a cloud of delicacy and tenderness. It contains a floral fragrance that is both airy and light. Thus, it is ideally designed for graceful and sensitive little girls. It begins with a blend of apple, lemon and almond. The apple gives this scent a certain vegetal crunch. The lemon, meanwhile, brings more bitterness and freshness to ensure the dynamism of the whole. The whole is then wrapped in a smoother almond. Then, So Sweety gives way to enchantment, romanticism and femininity. Her heart is like a huge bouquet of flowers from elsewhere. This contains freesia as well as lotus flower. Ylang-ylang, meanwhile, gives it a more solar and exotic aspect. It provides here a suave sensation as soft as a caress. Moreover, this sensation continues in its background thanks to the presence of white musk. The whole nevertheless gains in character by a more sustained association of cedar and vetiver.

The surprise design of So Sweety

Like its perfume, the packaging of So Sweety is also very elaborate. This one consists of a multitude of small red and blue polka dots. Thus, under its British-sounding name, So Sweety hides a very French affiliation. The whole gives off a particularly feminine and warm atmosphere. So Sweety has something to delight young girls. Its graphics are simple but timeless. This design is then repeated on the glass of its bottle, on one of its sides. The rest is completely transparent, forming a sort of large cube firmly anchored in the ground and enhanced with a silver cabochon. A tassel is then tied at the level of its collar. This also features the famous red and blue polka dots on the packaging. Furthermore, it is removable and can be used as cell phone jewelry. Undeniably, So Sweety thus becomes a perfume very anchored in the air of its time and having enough to seduce the young urban girls of our time.



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