Van Cleef & Arpels So First Eau de Parfum

When Van Cleef & Arpels revives a myth

This one manages to revive the first perfume of the brand, First, preserving its refinement of the past while giving it a resolutely contemporary aspect. This one embodies a “new design, a niche fragrance, the same story: a love story, the intimate link between a woman and her perfume, the invisible adornment that makes her more than ever: So Beautiful, So Unique, So First, So Irresistible, So Glamor, So Féminine ”.

When Van Cleef & amp; Arpels revives a myth

First is a perfume that bears its name beautifully. In addition, it is the very first juice created by the jeweler Van Cleef & amp; Arpels, in 1976. It was quickly appreciated for its aldehyde floral accord. His elegance did not take long to make him a true legend. Also, as if to celebrate the 40th anniversary of this iconic perfume , Van Cleef & amp; Arpels has decided to develop a more modern but just as flamboyant version. This must be worn, according to the brand, like an invisible adornment. So First is a perfume which thus seems capable of making any woman shine and magnifying her outfit with a simple breath. It is thought of as a diamond and appears to be an essence of light. This is then in the same vein as its predecessor. So First is a juice loaded with timelessness that goes beyond fashions and trends. This one knew how to preserve all the history which is associated with it. It thus takes again the name of legend of its elder as well as its symbolism. In addition, for Pierre Arpels, his perfume had to be a sort of “final adornment” to sublimate a woman. This is therefore still the case with the new So First.

So First, a concentrate of white flowers

Tackling such a myth of perfumery appears to be a complex and delicate task. Such was the challenge taken up by the talented perfumer Nathalie Lorson. She then chose to rework the enveloping softness of First and add a more delicious trail. So First begins with a luminous and crunchy freshness based on bergamot and magnolia. Thus, this blend remains fresh while being feminine and seductive. Then her heart opens like a huge bouquet of white flowers. So First does not shy away from its femininity and adds a contemporary elegance full of grace. This particularly highlights the beauty of jasmine as well as that of freesia, angelica and frangipani flower. Everything is also softened by the smoothness of an almond. So, So First gradually becomes more warm and enveloping. It ends with the warmth of sandalwood associated with the sweet and sweet aspect of Bourbon vanilla.


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