Vânira Moorea Berdoues Eau de Parfum

The Polynesian essence of Berdoues

Well, it seems that the Berdoues house has chosen to play with the Colognes! Indeed, these are the beginnings of our modern perfumery and Berdoues has decided to reappropriate them while giving them more character and tenacity. To do this, it has developed a collection called Grand Cru. The latter brings together several glorified Cologne including the brand new Vanira Moorea Cologne Grand Cru.

The Polynesian essence of Berdoues

Each fragrance from the Cologne Grand Cru collection is thought of as a wine of excellence. To develop them, the perfumers work with the same know-how as a winemaker. They show patience and select the best raw materials. They then age their essences in vats to obtain Colognes with a strong personality. Each fragrance of the brand tells us a story revolving around the land from which its raw materials come. As such, Vanira Moorea is a juice whose ambition is to reveal to us the beauties of the Polynesian land. It is a delicate essence with an extraordinary exoticism. Its only breath is enough to make us travel to the other side of the world. Like each of the perfumes from the Cologne Grand Cru collection, it is a unisex juice. Thus, its exoticism will delight the fairer sex as much as male fantasies.

The exotic sweetness of Vanira Moorea Cologne Grand Cru

Vanira Moorea Cologne Grand Cru is a fragrance that belongs to the category of floral juices. Nevertheless, like any self-respecting Cologne, its scent opens with extreme freshness. Thus, Vanira Moorea associates in its head modes multiple citrus fruits such as lemon, tangerine and orange. Then, this sensation continues in its heart thanks to the presence of orange blossom, petitgrain and neroli. However, these ingredients make it a particularly sun-drenched fragrance. Vanira Moorea Cologne Grand Cru has a green facet associated with an orange touch. Like a vitamin cocktail, Vanira Moorea gives a real boost to everyday life. Nevertheless, this juice would be nothing without a hint of carnal vanilla, emblematic product of the islands. Finally, the together is quickly overtaken by the base notes of this perfume. Vanira Moorea Cologne Grand Cru ends with a base of benzoin and coumarin while a cloud of white musk blows a breeze of comfort throughout. Generally speaking, this is a very soft and tender essence.



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