Wanted Girl Azzaro Eau de Parfum

The Azzaro Wanted saga continues for women

Available twice, this seductive seductive became in turn an Eau de Toilette, and a more nocturnal version called Wanted By Night. Today, it takes on a whole new form and is aimed at women. The latest luminous and sensual creation is called Wanted Girl and is sure to make your head spin!

Wanted Girl, a solar fragrance for an indomitable woman

Wanted Girl is a perfume that exalts femininity and sublimates sensuality with a luminous and iridescent touch. Between heritage and modernity, it reappropriates the Azzaro style and the hue of a charm overflowing with panache. Wanted Girl is a sparkling fragrance, an ode to indomitable beauty. Designed by four perfumers, it owes its existence to the talented Loc Dong, Jean Christophe Hérault, Dominique Ropion and Fanny Bal. Together, they imagined an unusual fragrance, at the same time floral, oriental and gourmand. To do this, Wanted Girl revolves around three main chords. At first, it deploys its tangy freshness with an alliance of pomegranate, ginger flower and orange blossom. Then, it becomes more heady and sulfurous by wrapping itself in datura. To make you succumb to its charm, it relies on the delicacy of dulce de leche, for a voluptuous and milky finish. Finally, his last chord is the very expression of temptation. It blends the vibrant strength of Haitian vetiver with the sweetness of tonka bean and vanilla. On the communication side, this new woman is embodied on the screen by the attractive Giorgia Fowler, staged in a very Mediterranean advertisement alongside her sidekick Nikolai Danielsen, already the face of the previous Wanted.

The Wanted Girl bottle , a feat of goldsmithing

Wanted Girl by Azzaro is presented to us in a powder pink case, both elegant and feminine. However, do not be fooled by its softness, it contains a real weapon of mass seduction. Its bottle is like a delicate flower made up of several glass petals and a metal hoop. Capturing the blossoming of a flower, it is fashioned from multiple glass surfaces, like different petals entangled in each other. This design is a real technical feat whose perfect proportions underline the generous curve and love of the Azzaro woman. From then on, all you have to do is press its little golden trigger to deliver all the floral power of this new juice. Undoubtedly, Wanted Girl is a weapon of seduction, with a particularly design and original glow. Its summit, as for him, is traversed by a golden piece deliciously carved with the name of Azzaro. Everything is thought out down to the smallest detail and comes in three different formats of 30, 50 and 80 ml.

Loris Azzaro one day decided to sublimate femininity with a luminous touch of perfume, saying: “We are not beautiful by chance. We too often forget that it is the dress that should serve the woman and not the other way around. […] How to imagine a line, a femininity, without exalting it with a perfume? This is how he became one of the most famous perfumers of our time. Today, he opens the doors to a new olfactory universe, delivering us a brand new composition, called Wanted Girl, presented in a glass bottle similar to a weapon of mass seduction. So let’s take a closer look at what sunny scent unfolds when you pull your little golden trigger.

Wanted Girl, a fragrance with three successive reliefs

Wanted Girl is thought of as a flower, drawn in three dimensions and loaded with countless reliefs. Explosive, tempting and greedy, she clearly plays the card of temptation, without falling into the escalation of exuberance and candy. Wanted Girl is clearly distinguished from other feminine perfumes and is part of the very trendy family of floral, oriental and gourmet juices, without however resembling other compositions of the moment . It revolves around three successive phases and begins first with a very fresh and delicately tangy explosion. For this, it combines the seductive and aphrodisiac breath of ginger flower with a sparkling and juicy scent, and a fresh pomegranate. This explosive encounter gives way to a more heady and floral heart, coated with a gourmet sweetness. The datura flower plays the mystery card and is enveloped in a more radiant orange blossom. An accord of dulce de leche brings here a smoother and milky scent. The delight reaches its peaks here and Wanted Girl finally ends with a more vibrant and woody force of Haitian vetiver. The tonka bean further softens the whole while the vanilla reinforces the exotic and suave aspect of this composition.

< h2> Wanted Girl by Azzaro, a fragrance for four hands

To design such an essence, the Azzaro house decided to put the small dishes in the big ones and call on four different perfumers. Each of them brings his personal touch here. For the cheerful and uninhibited aspect of the Azzaro woman, the brand relied on the skills of Loc Dong. It is to him that we owe the gourmet sweetness of the dulce de leche accord, already emblematic of Wanted Girl. Jean Christophe Hérault, for his part, has incorporated here the aphrodisiac ginger flower and orange blossom for an infinitely solar effect. On the sensuality side, Wanted Girl is the work of the very famous Dominique Ropion. Here, he wished to give a deeper dimension to the datura flower and worked on it with daring and impertinence, giving more depth to the seduction. Wanted Girl is a woman who does not reveal her personality with a simple breath and who is not satisfied with a seduction in the first degree. Finally, Fanny Bal bet on a fresh, colorful and tangy pomegranate to bring more pleasure to the whole.

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