What price for Bad perfume?

What price for Bad perfume?
What price for Bad perfume?

Bad, Diesel’s new affordable luxury

Bad is the brand new fragrance from the house Diesel. As the name suggests, this one emphasizes the rebellious side of masculinity. He portrays us the image of a man in love with freedom, at the same time adventurer and nonchalant but particularly attractive. As the Diesel brand explains, the Bad man is a “woman magnet”. What is more, this new juice appears to be particularly luxurious, both in terms of composition and bottle. But then, what can be the cost of such a product?

The many refined elements of Bad

Bad is a “bad boy” who does not forget his elegant side. Indeed, its composition contains highly luxurious ingredients. In this case, Bad begins with a fresh and aromatic scent associating bergamot, lavender and cardamom. Nonetheless, it is in his heart that Bad’s prestige really emerges. This contains caviar, one of the most expensive ingredients in the world. This element deposits on all the salty and unexpected flavors. The whole is then relayed by a base based on iris, woody notes and tobacco. Likewise, on the bottle side, Bad did not go by half measures. It has a surface that looks like leather. However, it is not! This is the result of an optical effect and a glass chiselling technique produced by the house Pochet du Courval.

The surprisingly attractive price of Diesel perfume

Also, all these elements lead us to think that Bad is a highly luxurious perfume and leaves us wondering about its price. However, there is nothing extravagant about this one considering that perfumery remains a high-end field in its own right. Bad is therefore offered in three different sizes. The 50 ml are available on our site at a price of € 47.50. The 75 ml are sold at € 55.50. Finally, the 70 ml will only cost you 70 €, a real bargain!

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