Yes I am Pink First Cacharel Eau de Parfum

Pink First, the second version of Cacharel’s Yes I Am

Amor Amor is the fragrance of adolescent girls in love, a juice loaded with passion. However, over time, the Cacharel woman has been able to free herself from constraints. Freer than ever, she lets all her femininity explode in the eyes of all, as evidenced by the Yes I Am perfume of 2018. Today, this juice is reinventing itself and becomes Yes I Am Pink First. Focus on this cheerful and positive composition.

Yes I Am Pink First, the scent of a woman dazzling with life

Yes I Am Pink First is much more than a perfume, it is a guarantee of independence and emancipation. He invites the one who wears it to have full confidence in herself. Yes I Am Pink First is a juice loaded with optimism for all strong and determined women. In the same vein as his predecessor, he exalts a creative ambition and an overflowing ardor. Her description could not be clearer: “Yes I Am Pink First is Cacharel’s niche fragrance for women who have the power to always see life on the bright side. Bold and assertive, Yes I Am Pink First women prefer to add fun to everything they do! This perfume is a new declaration of femininity under a more pop prism! On screen, this juice is still embodied by Izzy Bizu, Cacharel’s face since 2018. This internationally successful singer not only lends her image to the Yes I Am campaign but also her voice. Independent, daring and determined, she sticks perfectly to this essence.

Yes I Am Pink First by Cacharel, a pink and creamy juice

To get even more into the heart of the matter , know that Yes I Am Pink First is a floral and fruity fragrance. Today, Cacharel has chosen to enrich it with a creamier accord than before of Cremoso, a compound of hot milk, cardamom and sandalwood. The smoothness of this perfume is indisputable. The top notes of Cacharel’s Yes I Am Pink First are more fruity. They consist of pear and raspberry. Her heart, meanwhile, lights up with an enormous feminine bouquet of jasmine, orange blossom and ginger blossom. Its spicy Cremoso is finally sublimated with ambroxan for a more seductive and animal look. As in the past, Yes I Am Pink First is presented in a trompe-l’oeil bottle, drawing a tube of lipstick. After all, what better feminine code than this one? Its old-fashioned intense red spray has given way to a flashy pink. Its golden bottle, meanwhile, has been replaced by a dark silver. Much like the red of the previous Yes I Am, the pink of Yes I Am Pink First is a color intensely linked to femininity. Its scope is universal. Everything is delicately engraved with the name of this perfume. The base of Yes I Am Pink First, on the other hand, gives the appearance of a quilted object. Its smoky color is absolutely bewitching. The base of Yes I Am Pink First, on the other hand, gives the appearance of a quilted object. Its smoky color is absolutely bewitching. The base of Yes I Am Pink First, on the other hand, gives the appearance of a quilted object. Its smoky color is absolutely bewitching.

Cacharel’s second Yes I Am fragrance

Cacharel has made femininity one of its finest sources of inspiration. So, in 2018, she decided to use one of the most iconic accessories in the feminine bathroom to make a perfume. Her latest fragrance takes the form of a lipstick tube and surprises with its trompe-l’oeil shape. All the most powerful feminine codes are invited in this new perfume and Yes I Am seduces us with its floral and spicy scent. In 2019, it is reinventing itself and this time offers itself a lighter scent. Yes I Am Pink First is the name of the brand’s new composition, just as sexy and vibrant as before, but still preserving a more aerial part.

The fruity start of Yes I Am Pink First

Yes I Am Pink First by Cacharel first lets its share of freshness and liveliness express itself in a particularly fruity duo. These top notes initially bet on the juicy freshness of the pear, associated with a more sparkling raspberry. It must be said that the fruity notes are particularly popular with perfumers for their introduction. They have the gift of bringing dynamism and ardor to the essences which contain them. More than ever, thanks to these two products, Yes I Am Pink is displayed as the perfume of a lively and dynamic woman. In addition, fruits are not very heady ingredients, which lend themselves wonderfully to hot summer days.

Yes I Am Pink offers itself a luminous heart

To continue in an equally luminous register, Yes I Am Pink First evolves towards a more floral heart but composed of radiant ingredients. Its bouquet is above all made up of white flowers. Yes I Am Pink is an opulent juice, which relies on the floral and carnal breath of jasmine to seduce you. In a more Mediterranean register, orange blossom enchants the whole of this fragrance. It gives it a luminous aura and a foretaste of summer.

Cacharel relies on milky and creamy base notes

Finally, to melt your heart, Yes I Am Pink First relies on a more enveloping and creamy trail. With him, everything is a question of well-balanced gluttony. The Cacharel woman invites people to come together without being too enterprising. Its base warms up with a breath of hot milk. This unexpected ingredient contrasts with the rest of this rather fresh and springtime scent. Sandalwood continues this momentum and brings here a penetrating softness. Nevertheless, as if to recall the top notes of this perfume, cardamom, the quintessential cold spice, further enriches the base of this juice and gives it more depth. With such associations, Yes I Am Pink First already promises to stir your senses. Yes I Am Pink is not made to leave you indifferent and gives birth to real explosions of flavors!



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