Yves Saint Laurent Paris Rebel Rouge et Or Eau de Parfum

Paris Rebel Rouge et Or and its floral fragrance

The unconditional fans of the brand are in heaven and Paris Rebel Rouge et Or offers us a floral fragrance in a faceted red box with a retro appearance brought up to date. The result is most successful and heralds a most passionate end of the year for the famous Parisian haute couture house.

Red is the fashionable color at YSL for this Christmas 2015, as for Paris they also offer a limited edition of Opium: Fatal Rouge

Paris Rebel Rouge et Or and its floral fragrance

As often, if not always, at Yves Saint Laurent, it is the famous perfumer Loc Dong who is at the origin of this revisit. The task is then far from easy and the bet is daring. Indeed, how to revisit a nectar dating from 1983? How to give it a boost of modernity without obscuring a history of thirty-two years? And it is clear that the latter took up the challenge brilliantly. Paris Rebel Rouge et Or opens with a delicate scent of flowers. The absolute of rose thus reveals all its femininity. The latter have, in fact, been freshly harvested and processed with the greatest care and the greatest speed. Thus avoiding fermentation, they deliver the best of their fragrance and its sound worthy of a prestigious nectar such as this one. Then, the duality of the fragrance is revealed. Paris Rebel Rose contrasts it and opposes the freshness of its Tomato Leaf accord. Finally, its background is more woody. Musk makes it a scent of character. Paris Rebel asserts its power and even goes so far as to grant itself sensual and almost animal virtues.

Yves Saint Laurent and his love story for Paris

Paris Rebel Rouge hides a whole story . Indeed, between the fashion designer born in Oran and the French capital is a novel that began to be written a long time ago. This is where Yves Saint Laurent made his debut as a designer in the world of fashion. Then it was also in the City of Light that he decided to set up his business and that he enjoyed growing success. Likewise, on a very personal level, he spent his whole life there with Pierre Bergé before dying there in 2008. So, it is only pure logic that this house of creation has a perfume bearing the image of this city. which has so many times inspired this great name of fashion with a tormented spirit. Thus, at the end of 2015, the fragrance is adorned with red as if to deliver all the passion of Yves Saint Laurent to us. This essence is a concentrate of all the love he put into his fragrances in order to offer the best to his audience. The result is then of any beauty and its multiple facets radiate a totally dazzling red.

Paris Rebel Collector, the new Limited Edition of a legendary fragrance.

A Paris Rebel Collector Red and Gold

A tribute to the city of Passion. A man in the City of Light. In a red and gold Paris Rebel Collector.

Reinventing the rose in a daring and transgressive way in the style of Yves Saint Laurent. Daring the duality of the eternal femininity of Rose Absolute with the striking freshness of the Tomato Leaf accord.

The Paris Rebel Collector Rouge et Or bottle

The embodiment of a Paris of gold and lights energized by the force and passion for red in a sublime Limited Edition for Christmas.


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