Boucheron perfume Quatre for Men

Boucheron perfume Quatre for Men
Boucheron perfume Quatre for Men

Discover the new Eau de Toilette for Men by Boucheron echoing the Quatre collection of rings for men signed with the Clou de Paris motif

Four for Men

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This perfume is a creation for the man who wears the Quatre ring signed Boucheron. The man according to Boucheron is a man freed from the dictates of fashion, but always dresses according to his moods with elegance. These men with powerful charms endowed with a magnetic smile and an instinctive elegance, he directs his life with determination and calm. The ultimate asset of her charm is her Quatre ring which is more than anything that reveals her strong personality with a touch of sensitivity. For the Boucheron man it is inconceivable to forget his signature fragrance of its elegance and sensuality, Boucheron Quatre a signature, a brilliant olfactory reflection for a brilliant and fascinating man.

Fragrance – Quatre for Men

Four Boucheron Eau de Toilette
Four Boucheron Eau de Toilette

Creation of Christophe Raynaud Boucheron Quatre for Men opens with sparkling notes of Bergamot and Lime softened by Violet leaves. The heart of the perfume is powerful divinely masculine aromatic, we find notes of Lavender associated with Geranium and Mugwort. Patchouli associated with notes of driftwood brings a spark a mystical vibration to the perfume leaving an ultra-sensual trail fixed on the skin by the power of Labdanum.

Quatre for Men perfume bottle

Glass bottle of massive shape but associated with the delicacy of Boucheron jewelry that can be found on the cap formed by the Quatre ring cut so precisely that it looks like a sculpture with precise details and breathtaking brilliance. In fact, we can very clearly distinguish the chiseled circles of the ring and the Clou de Paris engraved motif on the base of the bottle shining through the glass. The Quatre for Men bottle is a real work on contrasts, like the man who wears it. The bottle is presented in a platinum black case with ultra graphic details reminiscent of the Clou de Paris in an elegant embossed version.

Visual Quatre pour Homme by Boucheron
Visual Quatre pour Homme by Boucheron

Communication – Quatre for Men

The Quatre for Men advertising campaign highlights the Quatre man, endowed with a sober and mysterious elegance with sensual charm but endowed with assured romanticism. Has a daring personality that is sometimes too charismatic. The Quatre ring reveals his personality so to find out more about this man with attractive charm, you just have to come closer to find out more and you will be enchanted by the majestic trail of his perfume.

Olfactory Family: Hesperides -Aromatic

Top Notes: Bergamot, Violet Leaves, Lime
Heart Notes: Lavender, Geranium, Mugwort Base
Notes: Patchouli, Driftwood, Labdanum

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