The sensuality of the Parisian perfume of Yves Saint Laurent

The sensuality of the Parisian perfume of Yves Saint Laurent
The sensuality of the Parisian perfume of Yves Saint Laurent

Like its muse, the beautiful Kate Moss, the Parisian perfume by Yves Saint-Laurent is a juice designed for a sensual, elegant and free woman. Like the pretty blonde, he is halfway between rock and glamor. Moreover, it is undoubtedly this contrast which gives it this irresistible charm.

A best-seller from the Yves Saint-Laurent brand

Parisienne is a fragrance considered to be a great classic of the Yves Saint-Laurent brand. In this case, it is not the first brand juice to be inspired by the capital. It must be said that Paris is a city particularly dear to the heart of the creator. It was there that his notoriety developed and that he spent most of his life. Also, the Parisienne perfume seems to have captured the spirit of freedom and the magic of Parisian life to put them in a bottle. He then paints a portrait of a woman in an evening dress that one would find in the early morning in the cobbled streets of the city after a very agitated sleepless night. At least, that’s what gasoline advertising is all about …

Parisienne, a floral, fruity and powdery juice

Parisienne is a particularly feminine scent . Also, what more beautiful symbol of glamor than the rose? Indeed, it is this flower filled with grace that is at the heart of this composition. It is then worked in a woody and luminous way. It sounds like a real caress on the skin. It is then associated with a real fruit basket made up of blackberries, raspberries and cranberries. Violet, on the other hand, releases its powdery appearance while peony gives off a more sassy spirit. The base of the Parisienne perfume is, on the other hand, more woody. The intensity of patchouli is enhanced by the depth of vetiver. Everything is then softened by the enveloping sandalwood before evaporating in a cloud of musk.

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