Eau de toilette Signorina in Fiore Salvatore Ferragamo

The Salvatore Ferragamo signature

Also, among all the works of Salvatore Ferragamo, the Signiorina collection never ceases to offer us floral and fruity tones available in all sauces. Thus, we have already had the pleasure of discovering Signiorina Eleganza and Signiorina Misteriosa. To complete this assortment, the elegant and mysterious women of Salvatore Ferragamo seem this time to have given way to a sparkling youth invigorated by the floral beauty of spring. Here is what is happening with the new Signiorina In Fiore perfume.

The Salvatore Ferragamo signature

Of course, and as usual, the new Signiorina In Fiore is recognizable at a glance. This perfume is contained in a bottle similar to that of its predecessors. Although it is pinker than ever, it takes on the same aesthetic. It rests on a massive rectangle of transparent glass in which stands out a space ready to welcome the enchantment of its juice. It is then surmounted by a cabochon in the shape of a chrome ball and reflecting the light. This time, it is designed in an absolutely carnal pinkish beige color, reminiscent of a woman’s skin. Four ribbons then decorate the neck of this bottle. These give it an even more spontaneous and particularly sparkling side. Signiorina In Fiore is like a real gift that the we like to discover such an enormous spring bouquet. Everything is particularly girly and romantic and comes in 30, 50 and 100 ml bottles. This composition celebrates young women endowed with cheerfulness and romance. This juice gives us a radiant and springtime picture and it would almost suffice to close your eyes to catch a glimpse of the graceful flowers that have just opened under the first rays of light of the year.

The floral and fruity composition of Signiorina In Fiore

It is the talented perfumer Emilie Coppermann, nose from Symrise, that we owe the creation of this sparkling composition. It all starts with a Nashi pear sorbet with pomegranate. Thus, the flight of Signiorina In Fiore is both sparkling and juicy, fruity and filled with happiness. Its exoticism is then mixed with a blend of sweet flavors. The cherry blossom, indisputable symbol of spring in Japan, brings a dose of poetry to this fragrance. It is associated with the richness of jasmine. Together, these two flowers illuminate this essence and Signiorina In Fiore becomes a true concentrate of sun. Little by little, the atmosphere then seems to warm up to the point of inflaming the senses. Signiorina In Fiore s finishes with a base of white musk worked with softness and associated with creamy sandalwood. Everything remains quite light and already promises to fill you with its floral and airy character. A little more patience, Signiorina In Fiore will be on our shelves for the month of February 2017.


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