Sky di Gioia Armani Eau de Toilette

Sky Di Gioia, a tribute to the Sicilian sky

So, as if to pay homage to his love for the sea and other natural elements, he decided to create the fragrance Acqua Di Gio followed a little later by Acqua Di Gioia. Just a continuation of this poetic lineage, the very last Sky Di Gioia has just appeared within the brand, as a perception more romantic than ever of the beauty of the elements.

Sky Di Gioia, a tribute to the Sicilian sky

The very first perfume Acqua Di Gioia made its appearance in 2010 as if to create an emotion halfway between land and sea. Indeed, this juice is inspired by a remote island in the heart of which Giorgio Armani likes to recharge his batteries between two creations. There, the rain and the sea spray mix to give birth to a peaceful place covered with a fertile and luxuriant nature. This place is none other than the island of Pantelleria, a small piece of land located in the center of the Sicily Channel, between this Italian island and Tunisia. This perfume intended for strong women and in perfect harmony with their environment was then followed by two other variations. Air di Gioia appeared in the spring of 2016, presenting itself as a more airy and lighter juice. Ideal summer companion, this one traded in the sea spray of formerly against a more volatile scent. Likewise, he was accompanied by Sun di Gioia, a solar creation evoking with a simple breath the sweetness of a paradise island. Also, as if to complete this poetic color palette, Giorgio Armani developed Sky Di Gioia.

The romanticism of the very last Giorgio Armani

Sky Di Gioia is a romantic perfume whose absolute femininity is evident from the sight of its bottle. This one is faithful to the lines and curves of the entire Giorgio Armani collection. Resolutely inspired by the shapes of nature, it seems to have been shaped by winds and sea currents, as if gradually polished over time. Its graphics are like a drop of thick glass. Its transparency is similar to that of the top of the waves. Its roundness, meanwhile, echoes the female body. However, the emerald green droplet of yesteryear acting as a cabochon has now given way to a more intense pink. After all, what color more in harmony with femininity than this one? While Sky Di Gioia’s full recipe remains a mystery, we know that this scent revolves around two major ingredients. The first of these is a peony. Exquisite flower, voluminous and round, the latter diffuses here a floral and tender aroma accentuated by light vegetal accents. Its scent is close to that of dew on lily of the valley. Nevertheless, this one is complemented by a more greedy hint. Lychee, a small fruit growing on an exotic tree, adds a fruity and exotic facet here. The result is an absolutely irresistible gay and feminine scent.



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